I'm 48% Tennessean.

July 11 2006

I'm 48% Tennessean.

1) [] Not only can you name the three Grand Divisions, but you consider people from the other two Grand Divisions slightly amusing or culturally backward.

2) [x] You can get from your house to either of two other states by automobile in two hours or less.

3) [] You have ever laughed at an out-of-stater who assumed that since Arkansas is right next to Tennessee, Little Rock must be pretty close to Knoxville, or who thought that if you live in Johnson City, Memphis must be an easy day trip.

4) [] You can tell the difference between bluegrass, country, and Delta blues.

5) [x] You admire Dolly Parton for being "down to earth" and "true to her roots."

6) [] You know what Nilla Wafers are, and can think of at least one recipe that calls for them.

7) [x] When you were a child, you visited at least two of the following cheesy amusement parks: Libertyland, Opryland, and Dollywood (or you visited one of them multiple times).

8) [] You know what a "meat and three" restaurant is.

9) [x] You've ever drunk a Sundrop or eaten Dirty Potato Chips.

10) [] You use "coke" as a generic term for Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Big K Cola, R. C. Cola, Dr. Pepper, and Mr. Pibb.

11) [] You know the difference between spinach and greens.

12) [] You have a strong preference as to whether barbecue should be prepared "wet" or "dry."

13) [] When you see a bottle of vinegar with banana peppers floating in it, you recognize it as a condiment and know what to call it.

14) [x] You have used at least two of the following phrases without considering them absurd or redundant: "all y'all," "might could," and "do done was."

15) [x] You knew that Knoxville is in Knox County and Sevierville in is Sevier County but that Fayetteville is not in Fayette County, Shelbyville is not in Shelby County, McMinnville is not in McMinn County, etc., etc.

16) []Your hometown has at least one major street, park, subdivision, suburb, or mall with the word "Hickory" in the name of it (or the name of your hometown itself has the word "Hickory" in it).

17) [] You know the difference between "rednecks" and "hillbillies" (and know that "hillbillies" only live in East Tennessee).

18) [x] You have vacationed in Gatlinburg more than once.

19) [x] You have ever crossed a state line for the purpose of buying groceries, gasoline, or lottery tickets.

20) [] You have relatives, neighbors, or friends who keep a gun in their car or truck at all times (or you do it yourself).

21) [] When you were a kid, your family watched "Hee Haw" every Saturday night. (If you are black, substitute "Soul Train.")

22) [x] Your public-school graduating (school right now) class was at least 90% black or your private-school graduating class was at least 90% white (or you citylived in a county with separate and county school districts serving starkly different ethnic populations).

23) [x] You knew that Bucksnort, Frog Jump, and Pigeon Forge are actual Tennessee towns.

24) [x] You pronounce "Fayetteville" and "Maryville" as "FAY-uht-vull" and "MAIR-uh-vull" and know the correct way to say "Austin Peay."

25) [x] You actually understand these questions and are sending them on to other Tennesseans.

Count all your X's and multiply by 4. Title this "I'm %

good songs?

July 10 2006

give me some good songs that i can download for my trip to && from nashville//lavergn.

[i FINALLY got my mp3 back. no longer grounded. =]

kelly will be.

July 10 2006
in the nashville//lavergne area TOMORROW :]

weekend. :]

July 09 2006

friday, cleaned. picked up by whitney lindsey && skyler. went to the Lee's for the wedding rehersal. girls came over. we went to appplebee's around 11ish. got back around midnightish. talked talked talked until like 3 amish.

saturday, woke up at 6:30ish to take the dogs out. everyone woke up cause of my && skyler by 8ish. haha. hung out. watched tv. ate breakfast. got ready. went to turkey creek with skyler lindsey and lisa. angela kayla tasha and lindsay went to angelas house. we went to oak ridge. went to blount county. helped with wedding stuff. went to lunch. went to angelas to get ready for the wedding. went to the wedding. watched little kids. served. went home around 11:30ish pm.

sunday, woke up. went to church. went to get breakfast. went back to church. watched kids in the nursery. went to target in turkey creek. went home. went back to the Lee's. helped clean up from last night. took isabelle jordan isaiah and emily to chuck e cheese. went to sprinkle park. came home. now online.

MY NEW OBSESSION. ribbons in hair. haha. cheaper than buys head bands. but they are WAY WAY WAY cuter! my other obsession, hair band and big sunglasses TOGETHER. lol. so cute. you should try it, if you are a GiRL. lol.

but yeah, this weekend was crazy, but fun. ive got a TON! of pictures to upload. most likely on MYSPACE. check them out @ www.myspace.com/kellyskye  :]

4th of july.

July 04 2006

happy 4th of july.

tomorrow is my 15th birthday.

yesturday was my party.

it was SO MUCH FUN! <3

everyone got there around noon.

we grilled our own food.

made pina colatas && strawberry margaritas [virgin ones.]

went to the mall.

shopped && went to the arcade.

were going to go to the movies.

went to mc d's.

went back to my house.

walked across the street to the park.

did stuff. [tennis. ran through sprinkle park. sit on dock. feet in water. walked around. talked. hung out.]

went back to my house late.

rented movies && got snacks.

ate dinner around 11.

watched movies.

the guys almost spent the night.

[since it was 2 am.]

but they went home.

girls spent the night && watched movies && slept.

it was a TON of fun! <3

the mall was my favorite. but there werent ne hot guys. lol. oh well.

i bough 3 sunglasses in one day. lol.


oh my.

May 24 2006

its summer.

tomorrow we're leaving for La Vergne.

tomorrow i get to hang out with CHRiS JeSSiCa && SaNDRa.

friday we're flying out to California.

im pretty much E X C I T E D that its S U M M E R R R R.

&& i get to hang out with that girl in the pink the whole time im in cali! i havent seen her since like the wedding in North Carolina in like sept. 05'.

&& i get to see her little brother who i havent seen since he was like born.


23 hours.

May 23 2006

until summer officially starts for Knox County High Schools.

until im no longer a Freshman.

until i get to REALLY start packing for California.

23 hours needs to hurry up so SUMMER can be here. =]


May 21 2006

[made a post earlier tonight. deleted it. family. they make us mad.but will ALWAYS be there when we need them most.]

[God does work in mysterious ways. i was going through my old email && deleting junk mail && stuff and i came across this from Kalue. from A LONG time ago. it said HI. so i opened it thinking it was something she asked me a while ago. but it wasnt. glad i opened it before i deleted it. I LOVE MY FAMILY, even when they make me mad.]

>F A M I L Y
>I ran into a stranger as he passed by,
>"Oh excuse me please" was my reply.
>He said, "Please excuse me too;
>I wasn't watching for you."
>We were very polite, this stranger and I.
>We went on our way and we said goodbye.
>But at home a different story is told,
>How we treat our loved ones, young and old.
>Later that day, cooking the evening meal,
>My son

stood beside me very still.
>When I turned, I nearly knocked him down.
>"Move out of the way," I said with a frown.
>He walked away, his little heart broken.
>I didn't realize how harshly I'd spoken.
>While I lay awake in bed,
>God's still small voice came to me and said,
>"While dealing with a stranger,
>common courtesy you use,
>>>> >>but the family you love, you seem to abuse.
>>>> >>
>>>> >>
>>>> >>Go and look on the kitchen floor,
>>>> >>You'll find some flowers there by the door.
>>>> >>
>>>> >>
>>>> >>Those are the flowers he brought for you.
>>>> >>He picked them himself: pink, yellow and blue.
>>>> >>
>>>> >>
>>>> >>He stood very! quietly
not to spoil the surprise,
>>>> >>you never saw the tears that filled his little eyes."
>>>> >>
>>>> >>
>>>> >>By this time, I felt very small,
>>>> >>And now my tears began to fall.
>>>> >>
>>>> >>
>>>> >>I quietly went and knelt by his bed;
>>>> >>"Wake up, little one, wake up," I said.
>>>> >>
>>>> >>
>>>> >>"Are these the flowers you picked for me?"
>>>> >>He smiled, "I found 'em, out by the tree.
>>>> >>
>>>> >>
>>>> >>I picked 'em because they're pretty like you.
>>>> >>I knew you'd like 'em, especially the blue."
>>>> >>
>>>> >>
>>>> >>I said, "! Son, I'm
very sorry for the way I acted today;
>>>> >>I shouldn't have yelled at you that way."
>>>> >>He said, "Oh, Mom, that's okay.
>>>> >>I love you anyway."
>>>> >>
>>>> >>
>>>> >>I said, "Son, I love you too,
>>>> >>and I do like the flowers, especially the blue."
>>>> >>
>>>> >>
>>>> >>FAMILY
>>>> >>Are you aware that if we died tomorrow, the company
>>>> >>that we are working for could easily replace us in
>>>> >>a matter of days.
>>>> >>But the family we left behind will feel the loss
>>>> >>for the rest of their lives.
>>>> >>
>>>> >>
>>>> >>And come to think of it, we pour ourselves
>>>> >>into work than into our own family,
>>>> >>an unwise investment indeed,
>>>> >>don't you think?
>>>> >>So what is behind the story?
>>>> >>
>>>> >>
>>>> >>Do you know what the word FAMILY means?
>>>> >>
>>>> >>
>>>> >>Pass this message to 7 people except you and me.
>>>> >>
>>>> >>
>>>> >>You will receive a miracle tomorrow.
>>>> >>Don't ignore and God will bless you


May 17 2006

so leaving for la vergne one week from tomorrow && one week from friday leaving for C A L I F O R N I A.

and my Q U E S T I O N is...

does ANYONE know what the W E A T H E R is going to be like?

let me know if Y O U know!



any one want to hang out with me when i go to la vergne on may 25? the only day i will be there BEFORE i leave for cali!

tell me if you do! =]

[jessicaaaaa. dont forget to make some plans with SANDRA. we WILL hang out. lol.]

... days until.

May 10 2006

14 days until school is OFFICIALLY out for high school.

15 days until leaving for La Vergne//Nashville.

16 days until flying out to California.

17 days until the wedding.

60 days until my 15 birthday.

60 days until Belle, Jonathan, Bri, Paige, && Lynns birthdays.

61 days until Brittneys birthday.

64 days until Jordans birthday.

81 days until we leave for HLUB.

82 days until HLUB officially starts.

86 days until KUTLESS CONCERT at HLUB.

87 days until we leave HLUB.

88 days until we get home from HLUB.

weed + friend = confussed kelly.

May 03 2006

ok, so my friend has been smoking weed and stuff. i just found out the other day at lunch. she doesnt know i know. she has been telling me she feels sick, and i just thought maybe she IS getting sick. but then the other day someone tells me she has been doing that kinda stuff with 2 of her "new" friends.

i dont know what to do. i dont know if i should ask her about it or not cause if i do then she will ask me who told her and i will have to tell her who said but that person told me not do say anything....


Stick It.

April 28 2006

Really good movie.

I liked it.

Saw it with my TWO favorite 8th graders EVER!

Katie && Katie.


I can't wait till they are at Farragut next year.

Go see Stick It. It was good.

"Call me." "Stalk You." =]

new slideshow

April 17 2006

new slideshow, on my last blog. in a comment.

[from easter]

[blurry pictures i know, my little sister took most of the pics. lol.]

happy easter everyone.

April 15 2006

happy easter. hope everyone has had a great day. and will have a great day tomorrow too. [&& for those who are off (like me) on monday, have another great day off.]

have u ever felt that you have too much, but dont give enough?

i kinda feel like that right now. easter presents u get to pick from ur parents are amazing. my parents were so amazing today! =]

my siblings and myself got to pick out our easter presents! i got a new mp3 [almost got an ipod video, but sadly didnt. oh well]

kayla got a guitar.

&& jordan got new baseball stuff, and new stuff for his game boy.

and sometime soon my dad is going to go get himself a pressure washer? or whatever its called.

idk what my mom is ganna get herself, but she deserves something great.

but yesturday afternoon, i was watching Operah. and it makes me feel bad, cause i have SO MUCH, but all those people have so LITTLE. they work FULL TIME, and are STILL homeless. its so sad.

it makes u think of all u have, even though i LOVE everything i have, i know i should//need to give ALOT of it away for those who have NOTHING.

i mean, there is so much crap in my room, that i think is crap that  i know other who have nothing would LOVE to have.

has anyone else ever felt this way??

well hope ya'll have a great rest of the weekend. i know i will.



April 14 2006

♥hope your having a GOOD, GOOD FRIDAY lovesss♥

comment the myspacee. [www.myspace.com/kellyskye]

thanks. ♥

so basically, I ♥ YOU!! =]

this long weekend...

April 12 2006

isnt going to be as fun as i thought it would be. no longer going to the beach. 

veryy bummed. this is ganna suck. 

but whatever. hope u have a better long break than i do.

happy easter everyone.

[atleast i will get to go to the passover dinner!! [hopefully? haha.] =]

call if u wanna hang out. [unless im grounded.]

gosh. haha.

toodles lovess.

mrytle beach.

April 11 2006

what is there to do in mrytle beachhh??

any ideas? let me know.

thanks <333's.

eight hours of......

April 08 2006

SHOPPING!!!!!! =oD

&& all i got was a pair of sunglasses [from Gadzook's] && a cute green with white polka dot top [from Wet Seal] i <333 everything i got. hehe. but can u believe i went shopping for 8 hours and thats ALL i got. crazyy eh? usually i would have gotten like SOO MUCH MORE. lol.

but my feet hurt like crazyyy. i wore new shoes, cuase idk we were going to the outlets in pigeon forge, but we did. && so my new pink flats hurtt my feettt. ahhh. lol.

now they r all sore. =[[ but im not ganna be @ church tomorrow, cause belle they are here. && celina ur a butt cause u didnt come. u missed out on ALOT of shopping. haha.

comment the myspace lovess.

who sings these song?

April 02 2006

ne one know who sings these songs???

Can I Sit With You a While

Blessed Be Your Name

and You are God Alone

do you know? let me know if u do. k. thanks a bunchh love!!


new hair cut = gross.

March 25 2006

i hate my new hair cut. its like 2 inches shorter && my bangs r short too. ugh.

bad. isnt it.

but this pic makes it all better though. ahahah. will && liam. will licking liams thumb. ahahah. they r the biggest losers, ever haha jk. [yeahh i stole this from rachel. but thats k. =]]

pics my parents took.

March 22 2006

on their 2 1/2 day trip from CA to TN. they went to cali to help my aunt move out here. and it ONLY took them 2 1/2 days of driving. Last time they did that was when we moved out here, and that took 4 1/2 days. but here are some pics. idk what state each pic was taken in.

looks like down down knoxville. lol.

duhh its new mexico. haha.

ahh. DINOSOURS [sp? lol]. haha.

i <33 this picture.

those are just a FEW of the pictures they took. these were just some of my favorites.

spring breaks been pretty gay.

March 21 2006

so yeah this spring break is pretty LAME.

done...... NOTHING. i would have to say its been pretty BORING. later im getting my hair CUT && HIGHLIGHTED.  =]

then shopping AGAIN. =] thats like all ive done. shopping && movies && hanging out.


west town is going to be DESERTED like the oak ridge mall. haha.

no like really. i remember a FEW years ago when it was JUST wal-mart. now its like GROWN SOO SOO MUCH! its suppose to be "FARRAGUT ZONE" && everyone at schools all pissed cause EVERYONE is going there now. but its just like US going to WEST TOWN which is "BEARDEN ZONE" but whatever. im GLAD its growing!! =]

they are putting in COSCO, ABERCROMBIE && FITCH, AE, HOLLISTER [not sure which one they are putting in. AE or hollister. i dont think both though] ummm and a BUNCH of other stuff.

&& down NORTHSHORE [like 2 mins down the road from my house] they are BUILDING that NEW SHOPPING area. its ganna be HUGE too! idk if im EXCITED about that. cause its ganna be SUPER busy on northshore now. =o/

they are building a new movie theatre, shopping area, apartments, a live theatre for bands to play at and ALOT more.

im kinda excited cause its close to home. but then there is ganna be SO MUCH traffic. its ganna be insane. its ganna be like ANOTHER turkey creek. but not as good. haha.

time to go watch CHICKEN LITTLE. haha. WITH JJ. =] I <2+1  [haha CHRIS. <2+1. i stole that from u. =]] the little bratt. lol.

<2+1 KeLLy

RACHEL. sunday night is ganna be GREaT!!! =] u, me, && kayla. haha. && WILL. && the MAKE-OUT PARTAYYY! lol. && watching the stars. lol. FUN FUN. yes it WILL be fun! start using ur PHUSEBOX. =]

SPRING BREAK IS HERE!!! finally. =]

March 17 2006

I'm so glad that Spring Break is here.

It seems like we have been in school forever.

Last semester went by so much faster than this one.

Today, was pointless.

World Geography, all we did was watch a dumb movie that was about animals in Africa. Basically no one watched it. We all just slept.

Algebra, we celebrated Pi Day. Pretty lame if you ask me. We just ate desserts. Like pie [of course.] brownies, and a cookie cake. Then we went and played boring games like Math Jeopordy, Twister, Moon Pie eating contest, and a 3 legged race. It was boring. Except for the yummy pies.

Academic Orientation, we went to the Library. It was loads of fun. Let me tell you. More like it was the most pointless thing in the World. They just talked to us, we took notes, and went online to find out some information.

So since we were in the Library, we had fourth lunch. I don't really know any one in fourth lunch. Well I take that back. I know people, but I'm not great friends with them. So it was Alyssa, Rachel, Anna, and me at lunch. Then Samantha came and sat with us for a bit, and so did Erin. But when Rachel and I left, they left too.

Rachel and I went down to the Auditorium/GYM/Band building to find Stephanie. We found her and she's one cool girl. Thomas, your girlfriends cooler than you. =] EDIT: OK SO JUST KIDDING. THOMAS YOUR GIRLFRIEND ISNT COOLER THAN YOU. CAUSE SHE APPERENTLY ISN'T YOUR GIRLFRIEND ANYMORE. BUT SHE IS STILL COOL.

But fourth lunch is like the longest lunch ever. its the regular time, plus the 9 minute break for class change. So fourth lunch is basically like 34 minutes, or something like that.

But so I met Stephanie today. It was cool. We got to see the Hall's Band play. I didn't go find Lisa though. I was going to, but decided not to because the bell rang for class change.

After lunch, we went to Business Principles. All we did was take a test. It was very easy, and then ate snacks and hung out for like 40 minutes.

So basically, most of my day consited of, boring movies, snacks, boring games, library, internet, lunch, test, and more snacks and haning out.

That's about all I did at school today.

It was pretty lame. Since we really didn't do anything important, but take that easy test.

Now I'm at home, bored. Since I can't or I'm not allowed to go to Winter Jam. =[

Everyone is going. Then they are all spending the night at Joy and Gnia's house. Their parents could care less.

But since mine are in California, they won't let me go. I'm not ganna not just because they said I couldn't ,but because I want to show them that I am trustworthy and I do follow their rules.

But yeah, this Spring Break isn't going to be amazing. But it's better than being in school.

I love seeing my friends at school, but that's about all I love.

i can NOT wait until spring break!

March 15 2006

only TWO more days until spring break! im very excited even though im not doing ne thing. =o/

parents left for cali TODAY! party @ MY HOUSE! haha JUST KIDDING!!! i COULD NOT pull something like that off. haha. just not sneeky enough.

this week has felt like FOREVER! =o(  its ONLY wed.

academic orientation [keystones] is so B.O.r.I.N.g. like OMGAH! i hate it! i would SO rather be in KeYBoARDiNG! plus ms. hill was SO much NICER than ms. lynch. we cant talk, we cant eat, we cant drink, we cant listen to music when we r doing individual work.

gah. its so boring! PLUS we have to give speechs. i DONT do speeches. like no. today 2 guys from IMPROV. came and demenstrated a something something. idr what it was called. its like improv with a topic and u have 4 mins. to make up a speech about it.

it was about POWER TOOLS! how dumb is that? all the GiRLS where like power tools?

then @ lunch me && rachel && alyssa ladd were talking about it. and alyssa goes "is a lawn mower a power tool?" me and rachel were both like "hum. I HAVE NO CLUE! is it?" haha.

so do me a FAVOR. IS A LAWN MOWER A POWER TOOL??? thanks. =]

during 1st block. [since it was late wed.] i forgot to put my fone on vibrate. so i took it out after the bell rang and was putting it on VIBRATE and like i totally pushed the LOCK button instead of the VIBRATE button! && i DONT or DIDNT know the codE! i was like OMGAH! this SUCKS! cause my mom && dad know it. but they were on their way to CALIFORNIA!

so i was like OMGAh they r ganna kill me. haha. but then after class i was talking && talking to kayla and rachel and kayla was liek "DUH! isnt it the last 4 digits of ur NUMBER?" so i tried! && it IS!! =]

so my fone is NO LONGER on LOCK! =]

my spring break is ganna NOT be FUN. =[  call me if u wanna hang out!! =]

btw. what do u think of this outfit?? cute or NO?

thanks. =]


March 12 2006

i think i've got the FLU!!!

my brother && sister's (&& isabelle) had it ALL week! now i think ive GOT it!

yuk! i HATE the FLU. eww. ugh. this is ganna SUCK.

i think they got it last weekend when everyone was at the land and i was out shopping with the GiRLs. so i'm getting it AFTER everyone! ugh. this SUCKS.