Relationship Status



April 10 2006
hey... chicago was sooooo fun! Wicked was amazing..i loved it! I want to go back...
we had so much so sleepy .

Jonathan Moore

April 11 2006
Rock on im glad yall had fun! I really like chicago when i went last spring break.... ahhhh good times.... Ill see ya tomorrow


April 11 2006
KEATON!!!! GIRL, I MISS YOU LIEK SOS FREAKING MUCH!! i hate smyrna.grr... omg your picture is gorgeous!! your so freaking beautiful! love to you! alexanna


April 13 2006
hah, yeah right.

Randy Rodden

April 13 2006
I just want to go back to Chicago so I could spend more time with the most B E A Utifull girl in the Whole Wide World!!! he he ARGGG!!!

Ben Moser

April 14 2006
i wanna see wicked!

Randy Rodden

April 18 2006
ha ha it was a blast getting to know you that week!! You and my favorite that is! Katie is SSSOOOOOOOOOOO much cooler than you!


April 20 2006
I like your pic. Lookin good! lol. I'm gonna try to get everyone together again soon. Talk to me... +jacob+

Katie Beasley

April 25 2006
Hey not so favorite of Randy's mu ha ha. love ya. *Katie*

Randy Rodden

April 25 2006
hey you need to update


April 27 2006
KEATON!! remember this bradely moron?