hello friends

August 27 2005
hey there,
well this is my first entry. Jmo helped me set it up. Classes at mtsu start on monday. fun fun.
have a good one.


Nathan Moore

August 27 2005
Hey Joey! Good to see you on PhuseBox. Let me know if you run into any problems on the site...

Matt Beck

August 27 2005

Elisabeth Barber

August 28 2005
i dont know you but last year didnt you play basketball for mtcs? cause i went to a game once with ben pearcy and i think you were playing but i have a bad memory

Rebekah Minor

August 28 2005
so, i used to work at marble slab and im friends with sarah moore (jmo's sister) and so, yeah i saw you a lot, though you dont know me! fabulous!

Jesse Robinson

September 01 2005
JOEY i love you lol. u are the bestest ever lol. Well have a great weekend loveya jess

Chris Slate,

September 03 2005
yeh first entries coolness u shall be my friend and i shall call you joey... hehe