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Another One Coming

February 10 2006

Okay fellas (you know who you are), One Weekend is approaching and some of us have a title to keep. 

See you in a couple of weeks,


Garrett Haynes

February 10 2006
u know! the jerks r takin the gold. ~916


February 11 2006
jerks for life baby! can't wait


February 11 2006
o yea, we sho is ganna hold it down. i cant wait. it will be good to see u again. O U KNOW. jerk 101. cya playa, and o yea, its all good, because IM 6 FOOT 5.

Alex Lewis

February 12 2006
yeahhhhhhhhhh boiiiiii!!!! cant wit we gonna win again and its gonna be tight im so excited only like two weeks!