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December 13 2005

who? the man executed this morning 12.35 (PacTime).  He is half of the founders of the Crips gang.  Protests and vigils surrounded the event with recongnizable names like Jamie Foxx, Snoop Dogg, and Jesse Jackson.  I'm sure that this is not a new story to most, but it occured to me that this man, whether he is guilty of the four murders that a jury convicted him of or not, is responsible for all the acts committed by any Crips gang members and any Blood gang members in retaliation.  

The protestors asked for a stay because Tookie was reformed in prison and wrote children's books telling them not to join gangs, but his best selling book only sold 300.  I have to commend him for trying to make a difference, but my concern is this:

If people can fight for a man's life who has done so much damage to society, where are we heading as a nation.  I do not want to get into the death penalty because some may not agree with what I will say, but we should consider where priorities are being placed.  Which is more precious: the life of this man or an unborn baby?  Should not they be equal?  but, Has this man destroyed God's image in the four he murdered?  Whose life gets priority?  Will there be protests for Scott Peterson? (He is on death row at San Quentin Prison for the murder of his wife and unborn son)

These are issues that must be dealt with by us, as Christians, with people we come into contact with. 


December 13 2005
i agree totally. i wrote a paper on capital punishment and it was remarkable to see the arguement with the whole thing.

Garrett Haynes

December 13 2005
good thoughts, man.


January 08 2006
that so true, really where are we heading. we say it all the time, that the world is getting worse. and it is. and i dont think everyone is really realizing it. for example, we pretty much had a riot at our basketball game two nights ago. it was siegel and oakland, and after the game, it went crazy. i have never seen anything like that, other than the cops show. lol. but in all that craziness, i just stepped back and watched what people were saying, and there actions. i really dont know how much longer God is going to put up with our stupidity and our beliefs. i miss u man, cya


January 09 2006
Hornbaker come to visit soon please! we miss you down here.. I hope God is blessing you in amazing ways and just so you know the boys you helped grow up (me, ben, alex, garrett and others) are growing in christ today because of the impact you had we miss you man ! be blessed