September 08 2005

"when i got tired of running from you, i stopped right there to catch my breath; there your words they caught my ears; you said "I miss you son, come home" and my sins they watched me leave; and in my heart i so believed; the love you felt for me was mine the love i'd wished for all this time; and when the doors were closed; i heard no "I told you so's" I said the words i knew you knew; oh god, oh god, i needed you; god all this time i needed you; i needed you..."(from reliant k)

three words for you wow thats deep hahah great song.... i love you suzanne!

well school sucks! hahah jk tomorrow is picture day just pray i dont look gay cause i always do on picture day hahahah but anyway. and i have to turn in this s.s project that me and abby and kayla did tomorrow its soooo funny!!! hahahah
i love you guys bye

"Gosh man your soul is like your appendix you never use it!" -that 70s show!!! hahaha


September 08 2005
1st- wow how did you get a back ground? cant tell you that hehehe 2nd- Have you truely.. think about this ... ever been in love? yes I have.. 3rd- Do you now love someone you hated? mmm yes 4th- Ever wish you could change? sometimes.. :/ last but not least 5th- has the the sun never risen" for you? what the heck? ahaha

ennazus bmal

September 09 2005

Sarah Marie

November 14 2005
MY BEUTIFUL PAIGE!! i didnt know you had a phuse box!! that awsome!! well i just got one so i thought i would tell you!! i love you sooo much and you need to update!! lol sarah marie <3's you!


November 19 2005
puh puh paaaige.