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May 27 2006

 Congrats to My Amazing Little Sister on Grauduating~ I love her soooooo much! Erin I pray God use's you so much! Thanks for being such an encourgment to me and for being my BEST FRIEND! I am gonna miss you more then anything when you go off to college! I admire you so much and I couldnt have asked for a better Little sister then you have been! Thanks for being there for me good and bad -thick and thin. Most of all thank you so much for believeing in me and showing me how much God needs to be the center of everything we do! I love you and know I will always be here for you no matter what.....


* My Heart Breaks.....*

May 15 2006

* Hello*

Sorry I havent written in a while life has been so crazy! Well since the last update things have gotten a little better but also alot of other things have take place! Well as yall know I lost my Best Friend/Roomate back in January due to a bad car reck and this completly changed my world! I have been dealing with alot of different emtiones and some days have been harder then others but I know God has a reason and plan for everythings...I have become Spritually Sick and not where I need to be with God, and I have started doing things I shouldnt and hanging out with people I shouldnt and almost become so numb to things around me I use to care about and people I use to love being around! My mindset has been Blahh meaning I Am hurting soooooo much I have just simply dont care anymore! Not to mention I am dealing with sooooo many other things. I feel like I am breaking on the inside and that if something doesnt change soon I dont know how much more I am going to beable to handel! Why is it so hard to be loved and accpeted at the same time without having to be someone your not? How mnay times do you have to be rejected, how many times do you have to get hurt , or let down or walked all over? I dont get it???? I try so hard maybe one day things will change!Well I promise I wont make it so long again befor I update again! Please keep me in your prayers I need answers and I need to feel Gods love and grace soooooo bad I havent in a long time......I love yall and thanks for everything! *Haley*


* What a Crazy Time*

January 21 2006

     Wow so I havent updated this thing in forever yeah I am a loser lol jk.....( I  start doing it more I promise) Well for those of you that no and for those that dont I was in a bad car reck and spent 4 adys in the hospital and lost a BEST FRIEND -aka roomate.......I cant even began to express to you how I am feeling right now and whats going though my head.I feel like nothing can get any wrose and that everything is falling apart. I feel like I am such a failure to some many people right now and have let so many people down..........Wow well yalll keep me in your prayers. I love and miss yall dearly.......Take care.........

          * Haley*

Keeping My Head Up!

October 09 2005
Hello Everyone-

Sorry for the long update alot has happend over the last couple weeks.As many of you know I have been EXTREMLY sick and they arent sure what it was until last week and it was then my life was changed forever. I dont understand it and I am asking myself why me and so many other emtiones running though my head, I am trying to hold my head up and cling to God more then ever. I love each of u this is a REALLY trying time for me and my family and friends I love dearly thanks for everythingand loveing and praying for me, I be stronger in the end God has me and now I am going to try and rest in peace. Haley

Full Of Emtiones!

September 18 2005
Hope Everyone had a great weekend and is doing good! I have so many mixed emtiones running though my head ,one day I feel so close to God while the next day I dont its crazy I am telling you. I feel like everything around me is falling apart and that people I thought were my TRUE friends arent ,it hurts alot and sometimes I get really down about things and just dont get things but I guess everything will work out in the end,I feel like I am to a point I want to give up BC Its one thing after another, so I am fading fast and to the point I am wanting to give up, I know that God NEVER gives us more then we can handel and always workds things out and knows what he is doing but sometimes its sooooo hard PLEASE KEEP ME IN YOUR PRAYERS HALEY!

My Hearts Cry!

September 13 2005
Hey Everyone- Hope college and everything is going good ,sorry its been a while since I have updated just been super busy.....Here my hearts cry right now......Enjoy

Everything is going to be different, but most importantly I'm his again
and he's mine for good. I need You. I know You’re there. I’m reaching
out to You. Please, find me in all my weakness and rescue me. I do
remember those sweet days before, when You were all I had and I was
completely filled beyond any normal understanding. I was truly living with You,
every single day was about and for You. No distractions, no
strongholds, no blocks; You had me……

There was an unending joy that derived from a passion placed inside of
me by You. I was seeking, serving, sharing, leading, following, and
believing. I was kept up at night, smiling because of the peace and
content that lived inside of me. I awoke praising You for new mercy at dawn,
and a grace freely given to me; giving me a hope that made me soar. Not
only were You and I so tightly woven together, You gave me SO many
others to pour my heart into. Every new day that You allowed me to wake up
to was a gift and a challenge. There was such a strong spiritual bond,
that nothing could get me down ever.

When life is being taken advantage of, and you’re living the way that
you should…there is an unexplainable happiness that cannot escape. God
becomes so real and so evident in your life without you even knowing it.
Growing in God by reading His Word, that is so alive, and praying to
Him can never hurt you. It’s hard to keep to reading, or even to start. A
lot of people don’t seem to get anything out of it. Sooner or later
though, it’s inevitable that God begins to speak. I love running on His
time and allowing Him to work through me. But for that to happen, I know
that I must be usable for Him. I want and absolutely need to be an
available tool to help further the kingdom of God.

God’s given me a purpose. I know that my heart is on missions. I need
people. He requires all of my time and attention, and I’ve been away so
long that I realize what has got to happen. I refuse to be depressed
anymore. I refuse to focus all of my attention on a guy. It’s not me to
argue and fight and become this drama queen that has taken over my life.
That’s not what I’ve waited for. I can’t hope and pray forever that
things will just change and that he will actually put up a fight for me.
I’m a girl. I need to be needed and wanted. I love to love. If it’s
true, it doesn’t grow old. That is not me. So I’m coming back. And He’s
welcoming me with open arms…

Life is so short; a mere breath. I need to know at the end of the day
that I gave it my all (even in the simplest of things) to bring God
glory. He created us for that. I know why I’m here. I know that for me to
be truly alive and truly living, I have to die to myself and let God use
me to the uttermost. If I’m not being used, it becomes more and more
difficult to get out of the hole that I subconsciously dig. I know I’ve
fallen behind a ways. I know that everyone can look at my life and who’s
involved and subtly make their assumptions and form their opinions. I
also know that I could care less about what anyone thinks except for
God. I am taking out of my life what sets me back. I have to take on the
character of Christ and become the person He was so aptly shaping me to
be before I pulled back. I Love Him and I am so glad He’s in love with

Trust God Means sometimes Letting Go....

August 30 2005
Hey Everyone~
Wow its been a while since I have last updated and ALOT has happen. I guess sometimes growing up isnt as much fun as we want that bc with it becomes alot more choices and things we cant control.(Not that we are ever in control God is just sayin.)I recently learned that God is going to bring people into our lifes and you may be friends with them for a reason ,season ,or a lifetime and sometimes they may be gone for a while and then come back again if thats how God wants it.I guess my reason IN saying this is that sometimes we get so caught up in letting others take the place of God and run to them with our problems instead of God when all along God wants us running to him with our problems befor ANYONE or ANYTHING,he loves us uncondtionally and loves spending time with us. Next I gotten caught up in believing the lies that the devil has been telling me and so its been frasutening and wearing me down,well anyways back to hitting the book wow dont u just love college? I love yall thanks for the comments and prayers they mean so much to me~ HaLeY

*Courtney- Thanks 4 EVERYTHING hang in there everything works out for a reason!

* I miss ALL my Paint The Town Buddies, Hope Yall go to Passion 06 its going to be a Blast!


August 22 2005

Hey everybody! I have been thinking alot about brokeness. I have been talking to alot of people about brokeness. It seems as though so many of us are experiencing some type of brokeness. In fact enough people that God decided to use the pastor who spoke on sunday, to speak about brokeness. I thought that was so powerful! I was reading his word and he just spoke to me about allowing brokeness and how much trust it takes in the lord to go through a broken point in our life. David's plea for mercy demonstrates his profound trust in the goodness and love of God. Even though he believes he is physically and emotionally tormented because of his own sin and God's resulting discipline, he does not try to hide from God and lick his wounds. Rather than withdrawing from the One who is bringing him agony, David seeks him out and, in childlike trust in a Father who loves even while he wounds, David begs for God to relent and restore him. Just like Job; who has everything taken from him but still he says " Naked I came from my mother's womb, and naked I will depart. The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised." Job trust that the Lord is good, that He is faithful. God knows what he is doing and it is for the best! Job did not charge God with wrongdoing or hide and lick his own wounds.He also didn't have to know why everything was happening to obey. He intrusted his pain and suffering to his Abba Father. He turned and sought out the Lord for His healing, His timing! And if you read the end of Job then you will know that God was faithful and good! We to can have the same confidence. Even when we suffer the consequences of our sin or maybe God just wants us to know His love for us on a more intimate level; Sometimes that requires suffering and pain, to go through the wilderness; our merciful God wants to reestablish us in His grace. So "Come, let us return to the Lord. He has torn us to pieces but he will heal us; he has injured us but he will bind up our wounds. After two days he will revive us; on the third day he will restore us, that we may live in his presence. Let us acknowledge the Lord; let us press on to acknowledge him. As surly as the sun rises, he will appear; he will come to us like the winter rains, like the spring rains that water the earth." Hosea 6:1-3. Be encouraged that God is doing a great work in your life!! And you don't always have to know why everything happens the way it happens. Just trust the Beautiful Lord. It's like a good friend of mine had told me once; God does'nt call us to know why but he calls us to just obey! He is faithful to complete his work in you! HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH!!!! I love you guys thanks so much for the prayers,and calls and encourging words I dont know what I would do without Yall.....Haley

God Works Always!

August 15 2005
Hey hope everyone had a great weekend and a great day! Thanks to all those we left me a comment it really brighten my day and means alot.Life literally sucks right now I am sooooooo uoset and need alot of prayers and words of encourgment I never felt like this and I know its not in my hands or control over what happend and it will take time but life will never be the same. Thanks to everyone again I love yall and yall mean alot to me.Haley


August 14 2005
Hello hope everyone is good , I miss all my paint the town buddies alot! Anyways I am sure school about to start back for most of us oh the joy of college lol. Ok moving along some of yall know some of yall dont as of 3 days ago my life will never be the same with the news I got so PLEASE pray for me and my family, I am REALLY hurting and trying to be strong but feel so weak.Haleybug

* Blahhhhh is how I am feeling*

August 12 2005
Ok have you ever had like a millon things running though your head all at once and at the same time everything around you seems to be falling apart when you are trying to do the right thing?It so werid I just got back from PTT and meet the most amazing people and had the best time of my life and just everything was great and now I just been back a little less then 2 weeks and I feel like I am being attacked it SUCKS! Please pray thanks alot,Haley

*Life Is Wonderful*

August 11 2005
Life is good....I never felt so Loved and taken care of by GOd as I do. I feel like I cant get enough of him. Let me just tell you about Paint the Town in NY wow it was amazing words cant even began to tell you how much God did and is doing not only in the heart of NY but in ever young person that was there that week.I meet some Incrediable pepople that I love dearly and am blessed to have them as friends. Many many memories from that week lol....I love yall tons HBug!