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September 04, 2007

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 Congrats to My Amazing Little Sister on Grauduating~ I love her soooooo much! Erin I pray God use's you so much! Thanks for being such an encourgment to me and for being my BEST FRIEND! I am gonna miss you more then anything when you go off to college! I admire you so much and I couldnt have asked for a better Little sister then you have been! Thanks for being there for me good and bad -thick and thin. Most of all thank you so much for believeing in me and showing me how much God needs to be the center of everything we do! I love you and know I will always be here for you no matter what.....


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* My Heart Breaks.....*

* Hello*

Sorry I havent written in a while life has been so crazy! Well since the last update things have gotten a little better but also alot of other things have take place! Well as yall know I lost my Best Friend/Roomate back in January due to a bad car reck and this completly changed my world! I have been dealing with alot of different emtiones and some days have been harder then others but I know God has a reason and plan for everythings...I have become Spritually Sick and not where I need to be with God, and I have started doing things I shouldnt and hanging out with people I shouldnt and almost become so numb to things around me I use to care about and people I use to love being around! My mindset has been Blahh meaning I Am hurting soooooo much I have just simply dont care anymore! Not to mention I am dealing with sooooo many other things. I feel like I am breaking on the inside and that if something doesnt change soon I dont know how much more I am going to beable to handel! Why is it so hard to be loved and accpeted at the same time without having to be someone your not? How mnay times do you have to be rejected, how many times do you have to get hurt , or let down or walked all over? I dont get it???? I try so hard maybe one day things will change!Well I promise I wont make it so long again befor I update again! Please keep me in your prayers I need answers and I need to feel Gods love and grace soooooo bad I havent in a long time......I love yall and thanks for everything! *Haley*


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* What a Crazy Time*

     Wow so I havent updated this thing in forever yeah I am a loser lol jk.....( I  start doing it more I promise) Well for those of you that no and for those that dont I was in a bad car reck and spent 4 adys in the hospital and lost a BEST FRIEND -aka roomate.......I cant even began to express to you how I am feeling right now and whats going though my head.I feel like nothing can get any wrose and that everything is falling apart. I feel like I am such a failure to some many people right now and have let so many people down..........Wow well yalll keep me in your prayers. I love and miss yall dearly.......Take care.........

          * Haley*

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Keeping My Head Up!

Hello Everyone-

Sorry for the long update alot has happend over the last couple weeks.As many of you know I have been EXTREMLY sick and they arent sure what it was until last week and it was then my life was changed forever. I dont understand it and I am asking myself why me and so many other emtiones running though my head, I am trying to hold my head up and cling to God more then ever. I love each of u this is a REALLY trying time for me and my family and friends I love dearly thanks for everythingand loveing and praying for me, I be stronger in the end God has me and now I am going to try and rest in peace. Haley
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Full Of Emtiones!

Hope Everyone had a great weekend and is doing good! I have so many mixed emtiones running though my head ,one day I feel so close to God while the next day I dont its crazy I am telling you. I feel like everything around me is falling apart and that people I thought were my TRUE friends arent ,it hurts alot and sometimes I get really down about things and just dont get things but I guess everything will work out in the end,I feel like I am to a point I want to give up BC Its one thing after another, so I am fading fast and to the point I am wanting to give up, I know that God NEVER gives us more then we can handel and always workds things out and knows what he is doing but sometimes its sooooo hard PLEASE KEEP ME IN YOUR PRAYERS HALEY!
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