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first day

August 11 2005
was amazing


August 02 2005
i made the high school baseball team :)


July 28 2005
i never. ever. get remarks


July 23 2005
baseball tryouts in a week, been working hard for those :)
go to new orleans in 9 days, and i am flying by myself, whish is pratty amazing
and then school starts in about 2 and half weeks


July 15 2005
camp rocked
met some really cool people
i'll miss them


July 07 2005
camping was pretty miserable....rained every day, tent got flooded, decided to come home early
leave for m-fuge at 6 on saturday, hope i meet some really cool people, and have a good time

camping and what not

July 01 2005
well vbs is officially over tonight, and i have had so much fun helping with 2nd grade recreation :) i am pretty sad that it is over, because i will miss those kids and there was this one girl that was crying at the end of today, because she "loved" me and that was pretty cool
we have practice for all-stars this weekend and then next week they have a tournament, while i am camping lol but i hope they do good
i got church camp in a few days, and that should be fun :)

State Champions

June 26 2005
my team won the tennessee state championship(in baseball) and so now we get to go to nationals


June 20 2005
got state tournament this weekendin oak ridge//
grandparents totaled there car near rivergate, there alright :)

more baseball and relaxtion

June 11 2005
well i have had another tournament this weekend and we have actually done quite well. today we played a team from clarksville (where i formally lived) and half the guys were on my t-ball team and i recognized them , it was pretty cool :) we play tomorrow in the championship round and we are the number one seed! this week has been nothing but laying around, working out, and baseball it's fun but it gets boring after a while :/
wish me luck for tomorrow


June 03 2005
well this weekend will be churchless, which is pretty bogus . I have a baseball tournament in cookeville and that will be the time consumer of the weekend. so i hope yall have a great weekend, because mine will be baseball.