legal baby!!

September 04 2005
guess who will be 18 in 6 days......
meee! finally!!!!!

collegeis going WONDERFUL so far. it seems to easy...but i guess i probably just jinxed myself :-/. o well. hope everyone else is enjoying school!!!!!!!!!!!

ohhhh summer

July 29 2005
its been a month today since i wrote in this...pretty pathetic. lol. this summer has been really great and sucked the big one at the same time...i've hung out with people i never thought i would see outside of school (chris)...ive grown away from people that i really dont want not sure that i want to put it this way, but i've broken a heart--and lost a friend or two from that...gone off on someone at work to where they ask for someone else when i answer the phone...and i've talked to people that i thought hated me.
as afraid as i am to start college, im really looking forward to it. i hope it gives me a second chance at starting over completely with everything. that would be wonderful.

something different

June 29 2005
maybe this will be different from xanga...xangas getting boring.
summer's pretty fun. i miss a lot of people from school though, it's still pretty sad to think i'll never see most of them again.