Jessica Jo


EASTER is almost here....YAY!

April 15 2006

I love everything that is going on right now. Work yesterday was fun. My boss is amazing and my job fit right into what I was looking for. Plus she even gave me Wednesdays off. YAY. And I have all the hours I need.

I've been jogging/walking on my road, either early in the morning or right before the sunset and I love it. It's wonderful "God time." I literally have conversations with Him while walking. I imagine my neighbors must think I am crazy but it's wonderful. I feel energized and happy.

I have work today and then after I get off I have to rush home because we are celebrating Easter and my niece's birthday with my ENTIRE family. It should be interesting.

I hope life is going well for all of you.

I can't stop SMILING. :-) :o)

beth cooper

April 15 2006
awww, what a cute picture!


April 15 2006
exersise always makes people feel happier and accomplished.


April 15 2006
excercise, especially long walks, really makes you feel good.

Aaron Massey

April 16 2006
i hope your weekend was amazing. peace.