March 17 2006

friends are amazing..

My love Cole Brown and me!

My best friend ever Danielle!

My Sister and her best friend!

lol yeahh my sexy sister Sarah.. ha!


Me Danielle and Beth.. my true loves!

Kasey and mee!

ohh I love these girls Racheal and Elise!
Paige Julie and Me! love them!!

My girl Katherine!

My Marissa!

Me and my bestfriend again.. lol

yeahh.. just felt like updating.. but I hope that everybody is doing good.. <3maribeth


March 01 2006

SprInG bReAk

iS @lmoSt h3Re!

even though I am not going anymore.. i'm still excieted about getting out of school for a week!!

yayuhh so Siegel plays Oakland tonight..
I wonder what is gonna happen

Siegel Nation

but I love you.

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February 15 2006

yeahh so i'm never on this.. only at school.. haha

but i love my girls Danielle and Keri!

Have a great Day...



January 19 2006

I want a boyfriend

but there isn't anyone.. =(

life isnt going that great for me right now

but I still have my girls Danielle & Keri there for me

yeahh thats us like freeshman year! :)

but i love you!



November 21 2005


well my life is great right now.. I have some amazing friends.. & I love them too death! they are always there for me.. And I am always going to be here for them! hah!

well last weekend me and some friends went up to Oply Mills and ate at The Rain Forest Cafe! ohh so good! ha n then we just walked around! lol then Saturday hung out with Danielle then went to work.. and then spent the night at Ashley Watt's house with Keri Meagen and Danielle! it was a girls night out.. lots of fun! =)

ha but i love you!


whats up?!?

November 02 2005

Heyy baby!

15 days until my
b i r t h d a y

nOveMbeR tHe 17th!

well HALLOWEEN was tooo much fun!
hung out with all of my friends, who I <3 so much!

Danielle Julie & me getting ready for HALLOWEEN!=)

Me Jared & Julie!

I duno i have more pictures on here!
but yeahh i <3 you guys!
check out my xanga..



October 24 2005

Hey guys! well i'm updating.
duno know why! but yeah..
I always put pictures on here..
yeahh but here is a picture of me n my BF

BUT... yeahh this weekend.. I'm going to Haunted Houses this weekend. can't wait!
but I'm being a Fairy princess for Halloween. Ha.
in my girl Danielle is being a princess haha.
its gonna be FUN! =)

but i love you!



September 17 2005
holla for a dolla.
i'm done w/ this. =)

love you guys.