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TOO Many People

June 02 2006
So i went over to Jackie and Robert's today after I cleaned my car... When Kayla and I get there its only Kyle, Worm, Matt, and Max( the dog). Jackie and Robert show up which is cool... So.... Jackie, Kayla, and I are back in Kyle's room we were playing with a football i found in his closet and was tossing it in the empty fish tank and rearranged his room. Then Sean, Katie, Napper, and Cole show up.. Yet again is cool. Then we look out the door and we see some bitches that we don't know (well we do know) and we're like "What the fuck"?! So pretty sure after that the night just sucked ass. There were so many damn people over there it was ridiculous. I was getting annoyed as hell and Kyle was getting mad at me because I was being anti-social and stayed in his room. For 1 I don't like being around a bunch of people that I don't know in a damn 2 bedroom apartment. I can't put up with that. The one's that I'm around most of the time are cool as hell, but the others I just didn't like I've heard to much shit about them. ok... I think I got everything out for now.. It feels better that I got all of that out.