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Apartment? Birthday... Leaving... Hot....

May 26 2006
I have 24 days until my birthday and when I can leave... I'm so excited! I'm supposed to go look at apartments with Jamie sometime today. We might get one when I come back. I've been hanging out with her and Kyle alot this week. It's just been an eventful week. I'm going to be leaving Marshalls in mid July and hopefully that all works out. If not my step-dad said I could go down there and I'm sure as hell not. I can't stand anyone down there. It's pretty nice outside today so I might go lay out or go to the Greenway. oh well.

Randy Rodden

May 26 2006
Hey we need to see eachother before you leave!!! No more Erica for Randy!!!

Randy Rodden

May 26 2006
I don't have your number anymore cuz I got a new phone.... It's the same model as my old one but this one actually works!