August 02 2006
will mothers & daughters EVER get along?

DBS wants Elizabeth

July 31 2006

or something like that hah

Sonic stinks.

July 22 2006

yes I ran into Sonic's menu thing. I know I'm cool.

hahahahaha... =( my poor car.. this has been its 4th wreck & I've only been driving 2 months.. haha

UT Knoxville Cheer Camp & a new beginning for Oakland Cheerleading

July 14 2006

So I got back from the lake like.. 2 weeks ago & then as soon as I got back I had to leave for cheer camp. But the lake was fun & cheer camp was AMAZING. Our new cheer coach, Ms. Franks (she used to be Riverdale's assistant coach) is going to be so good for our squad. We improved so much just this week so I can't wait to see how much more we're going to improve from now until August 18th (that's our first football game against Blackman.. woot!). Anyway, here are some pictures from cheer camp!

Kate & I

Erin, Caroline, & I

"The Rock"

Oakland Varsity & Freshmen Cheerleading Squads

Riverdale & Oakland Varsity & Freshmen Squads

Wednesday was Caroline's birthday so we threw her a surprise birthday party!

Oakland Varsity Cheer Squad with our trophies

Our squad has grown so much & bonded with our new coach & for once I'm truly happy with where our cheerleading team is going. I love my team & I don't know what I'd do without them.


June 26 2006

I am leaving for the lake today with my friend Storey and my church! I'm so excited. I love the lake... once I get past the fact that I'm swimming in DISGUSTING water. hah.

Anyway! be back Friday!

everyone have a great week! =D


June 17 2006
I am SO naive.


June 06 2006

"'God, where are You in this?' my heart cried. 'I am Your child. All my life, You know I have longed for something beautiful. I have searched for true love. Does a pure and perfect romance even exist in this dark world of lust and perversion and sin? Should I even dare to dream of something beyond the shallow, meaningless, cheap version of love I've known so far?' Then came a soft, gentle tugging upon my heart. Suddenly I somehow knew that my life did not need to be this way and that God had something better for me. It was almost as if God Himself was reminding me, I am the Author of true love; I am the Creator of romance."
--When God Writes Your Love Story

seran wrap

May 30 2006

thanks guys.. ha

cheer captain results: denied.

May 24 2006

I'm so ready to get MY chance to shine. I want to be a part of something great & I want the chance to make it great. I want to be in charge. I want things to finally go MY way. but... not this year... maybe my senior year..

yes this has been a selfish entry. sometimes you need one of those every once in a while though.

Class of 2006...

May 21 2006


Class of 2006!

those Cingular commercials

May 18 2006

have you ever seen those commercials for Cingular where the person is talking about the call they were trying to make but it was dropped & the commercial goes mute for a while?!

oh my gosh EVERY time that happens i think there's something wrong with my TV..

hahahaha.. am i the only one? please say no.

sweet sixteen

May 13 2006
                     Be 16 with all of your spirit--
                              Embrace each day. Laugh often.
                         Smile like you mean it.
                                     Let the lovable little girl
                                  you were shine through.

                                 Be 16 with all of your creativity--
                                          Seek your own style.
                                                   Think in your own way.
                                              Dare to be different.
                                   View the world through
                                                          you-colored glasses.

                                       Be 16 with all of your confidence--
                               Believe in how strong you are.
                                            Speak up.
                                   Hold firm.
                                              Make things happen.
                         Know you're trusted, supported, and loved.

                                        Be 16 with all of your integrity--
                                    Stick by your friends.
                                                      Questions your values.
                                             Trust your gut.
                                    Ask yourself, "What do I stand for?"

                   Be 16 with all of your pride--
                                     in who you are, what you believe in,
                             how much you've achieved,
                                            how lovely you are, inside and out.

                                                 Be unique.
                                                           Be yourself.
                                                    Be sweet.
                                                                 Be sassy.


Be 16 with all of your heart!

you had a BAD day, you're taking one down, you sing a sad song just to turn it around

May 10 2006

dancing with her to oldie's music makes me feel MUCH better..

2 dayyyss! =D


May 06 2006

never has a line in a song described how I feel as much as this line does right now:

sometimes, the last thing you want comes in first.. sometimes, the first thing you want never comes

slowly approaching..

May 04 2006

8 days.


April 30 2006

so this is my best friend....

and I've decided that she's way too pretty & I now hate her.

hahaha just kidding... thats my friend Paul with his date & my best friend Kate before Oakland's Prom. 

& I want to go to prom next year. really bad. I wanna get all dressed up & look pretty! hahaha

Birthdays.. lots & lots of birthdays

April 28 2006

Happy 16th Birthday Taylor!

Happy 16th Birthday Michelle! (tomorrow)

& my birthday is in... 14 freakin days! heck yes baby!

I'm only doing 15...

April 23 2006

1. On your current playlist, put it on shuffle and pick the first thirty songs that come up, no matter how embarrassing.
2. Write down the first one or two lines from each song.
3. Have your friends comment and see if they know any of the songs - no cheating!  No Google!
4. When someone guesses correctly, bold the line and add at the end of the name of the song.  Bold and indent when the artist has also been guessed and write it at the end of the line also.

1) It's hard to believe that I couldn't see/ you were always there beside me/ though I was alone with no one to hold/ but you were always right beside me "Start of Something New" --High School Musical

2) Fumbling his confidence & wondering why the world has passed him by/ hoping that he's bid for more than arguments & failed attempts to fly "Meant to Live" --Switchfoot

3) Something has changed within me/ something is not the same/ I'm done with playing by the games of someone else's game

4) Earth Angel, Earth Angel, Will you be mine?/ My darling dear, Love you all the time./ I'm just a fool, a fool in love with you. "Earth Angel" --Temptations

5) Well I could sing unending songs/ Of how you saved my soul & I could dance a thousand miles/ Because of your great love "The Happy Song" --Chris Tomlin

6) The way that girl can break a heart/ It's like a work of art/And this is the worst part/ She knows it "The One I'm Waiting For" --Relient K

7)We're soarin, flyin/ There's not a star in heaven that we can't reach/ If we're trying so we're breaking free "Breaking Free" --High School Musical

8)I can take the rain on the roof of this empty house/ That don't bother me/ I can take a few tears now and then and just let them out/ I'm not afraid to cry every once in a while

9)It's funny when you find yourself / Looking from the outside/ I'm standing here but all I want/ Is to be over there

10)I'm here to meet with you come and meet with me/ I'm here to find you reveal yourself to me

11)I saw you in the hallway/ I bet that's what they all say/ You probably didnt even notice

12) Good morning beautiful, how was your night?/ mine was wonderful with you by my side & when I open my eyes to see your sweet face/ it's a "good morning beautiful" day "Good Morning Beautiful" --Blake Shelton

13)Here we are so what you gonna do/ Do I gotta spell it out for you/ I can see that you got other plans for tonight/ But I don't really care

14)I feel pretty/ Oh, so pretty/ I feel pretty and witty and bright!/ And I pity any girl who isn't me tonight. "I Feel Pretty" --West Side Story

15) First I was afraid/ I was petrified/ kept thinking I could never live without you by my side/ but then I spent so many nights thinking how
you did be wrong/ & I grew strong & I learned how to get along "I Will Survive" --Gloria Gaynor

The Wizard of Oz

April 22 2006

The Wizard of Oz cast 2006

I LOVE these people so much. I'm going to miss this play soooo much when it's over =(

The Wizard of Oz

April 19 2006

The Patriot Players Present:

The Wizard of Oz

 at Oakland Highschool Theatre

Thursday, Friday, & Saturday at 7:00 pm
& Sunday at 2 pm

PLEASE COME SEE IT! I promise it's going to be one of the BEST shows you've ever seen! &.. I'm also a munchkin.. hahaha.. if that's not a reason to come see the play then I don't know what is!