phusebox is being mean

June 08 2005
so this thing is pretty cool..

it's being mean though & won't save my "favorite movies".. like ill type them all in there & then i press save & all that shows up is the word "you".. kinda odd..

& the groups are messed up too.. it won't let me join some of them..

but anyway.. enough complaining..

ive had a good day..
hope yall have too

thanks for the "remarks" haha im used to writing comments..

Nathan Moore

June 08 2005
hey there. I have made note of these problems and they will be fixed soon. PhuseBox is only about 2 weeks old. I promise I will fix these and continue to add more features.


June 08 2005
only 2 weeks? wow... and there are already so many people anyways, I have a hillarious picture of you from the VBS kick-off, heh. <3

Garrett Haynes

June 09 2005
you know what...your garbage!!!!

Garrett Haynes

June 09 2005
u made a blogring that said siegels garbage...therefore I got mad lol.

kayla hale

June 12 2005
yeah you were right...i just wish i wasn't though thick headed to relize it ;pp; kayla