Sonic stinks.

July 22 2006

yes I ran into Sonic's menu thing. I know I'm cool.

hahahahaha... =( my poor car.. this has been its 4th wreck & I've only been driving 2 months.. haha


July 22 2006
Wow... not sure if I want to be on the road the same time as you... ha ha... just kidding! It'll be ok - you'll get the hang of it!

ennazus bmal

July 23 2006
hahaha my poor poor beasty...she never was the brightest crayon in the box i still love you and your gHettO car!

Jonathan Bragg

July 25 2006
oh girl! dang....yeah you need to get that whistle tip on your car that would be fye! WOOO! WOOO! lol

justin daniels

July 29 2006
L o s e r