July 01 2005
the devil invented CUSS WORDS so that people would say them and then they would be bad.

Nelson Lumpkin

July 02 2005
Hitler was a bad person, did he use bad words?

Redford Gilmore

July 02 2005
Cuss words were invented as a sort of danger-free release... it's better to cuss than to beat someone up or anything.

cole brown

July 03 2005
yeaaah i saw you at la siesta! happy birthday by the way =D

Candi Ramsey

July 06 2005
ha ha, stating such a fact, what a random thinhg.... that rocks!!

kelsey shearron

July 06 2005
nah its just so people can look dumb and "nice" people can get uncomfortable. :-) come to church tonight please.

kelsey shearron

July 06 2005
im lovin the cd by the way

Anthony Myers

July 09 2005
Dissagree with yah there. They are just for illiterate people who have no means of expression through language. So they think that using a curse word will make their speech more meaningful when all it does is makes it more vague.

kelsey shearron

July 10 2005
church today..me there..you where?


July 11 2005
THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW was a really good book. did you read THE OUTSIDERS? that's the best. i love it. thx fer the remark.

stu boyCe

July 11 2005

kelsey shearron

July 22 2005
you need to update more..im going to NY on Sunday!


July 24 2005
wttff niiiiggaa