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March 19 2007
Sucks and I really don't want to have to go but I guess I am going to since if I don't show up I will both lose my licence and be arrested on a $5000 I am sure alot of you are wondering what I did to incure such a large offence well just to let you know you really have to be careful when you drive next to people now a days cause the cops might think you are drag racing.......totally not kidding I was told I was drag racing down Broad St. going over 100 here is the major problem with that my car will only go over 100mph if I am slamming the gas and have it in 5th gear......which neither was going on so I don't understand where they got 100.......but I will hopefully get off with a minor speeding ticket or get off with nothing on me at all......but if something happens and they try to stick the citation well then I already have a lawyer to take the case who said I have a good chance of winning as it is.......well wish me luck and I'll see you cats later....peace