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lotr, star wars

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The wind on fire


August 18 2005
leave comment bored


August 15 2005
Hey people I just got back from school and from all the people bugging me to ask out Jacqlyn. Calm down because I don't think she has realised that I was the guy who said she played soccer. Jacqlyn I was wearing a blue shirt and black pants so I don't know yet.


August 12 2005
Hey this is my class schedule
1. Lifetime well boy 8:30-9:30 Hibdon
2. Band 9:35-10:30 Mears John
3. World History 10:35-11:30 Williams Matt
4. Honors English 11:35-1:00 Brown Nivia
Lunch 1:05-1:30
5. Found I 1:35-2:30 Williams Stephine
6.Physical Science 2:35-3:30 Conner Richie

If you have something like it tell me


July 06 2005
I have nothing sentimental to say


July 05 2005
Hey well i am really bored There is nbthing to do I guess I wall go and clean the house bye

Im back

July 01 2005
whats with the comments

Be Back this Sat.

June 26 2005
Hey I am not gonna be here for 1 week because my technology skills are needed so leave some penguins (favorite animal) (Penguins= Remarks)


June 25 2005
Well I will be gone for 1 week then I go to New York for I don't know soo leave a "remark"


June 10 2005
Hey, well I am here and I am bored out of my skull. Hey if Ms. Duncan reads this I am going to tell you something "Do you have anything you need to be burned" haha. To bad nobody else does this thingy it is a whole lot better than xanga. haha


June 08 2005
So this is what everybody has been doing for the past few months. Looks boring to me.