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Wow. I have not done anything on here in a very long time.

January 14 2008
I'm working at jim and nick's... Don't really have too much to say. Just trying to enjoy life. Just got back from a ski trip. It was sweet. But yeah. That's about it.


November 28 2006

Haven't posted in a while... So I was in the crucible... It went well... Done some crazy things like convention and I stayed at lee... Also very fun. And I started musical practice.... It's going to be a tough one this year. And also Thanksgiving was awesome! Except I was sick for the whole week but it was alot of fun!

Wow... my life just got rocked!

September 19 2006
So I go to give blood at the blood drive today... No biggy since I did it last year. Allthough that wasn't alltogether a great experience either. But It's typical I signed up and went into the little booth things that they set up to get your info before you give blood to make sure you're ok. So everything's great, I gave her my I.D. she asked where I lived, what my social security number was and my date of birth. She checked and then all the sudden she told me that my record said that I can't give blood and that she didn't know why because, for privacy issues, they don't tell her why. But she did give me a number that I could call. So I went to the office and called the number. This Indian Woman picks up and we start talking and she appologizes like twenty times and says that I can't give blood and I keep asking for the reason but she keeps appologizing and all the sudden I finally get it out of her and she says that my blood tested possitive for hepatitis C !!! So asked her if it was sexually transmitted cuz that wouldn't be possible and she said no, that it is usually transmitted through blood. But anyway, I asked what it did and if it was fatal and she said no, there are medications for it, but it will always be in my blood system! So I get kinda worried and then she comforted me by saying that the machines that are used to check this are really sensitive and that that's what the machine read but it might not be that way so I'm going to need to go to a doctor to get it confirmed but just pray for me! What I think it might be is that I took ACCUTANE like my eighth grade year, it is like the most powerfull Achne medicine that you can take, and it can effect my liver and they did several test to make sure that my liver was strong enought to where I could take it and Accutane doesn't leave your blood system so I'm thinking that may be what was traced instead of the accutual hepatitis. But for real! Be prayin for me!


September 18 2006
Dear Randy,
You've been hacked.


September 12 2006
    Yo guys I've got a girlfriend and she's
awesome! She's an awesome Christian.. We believe the same things. She's
Pentecostal. And She's smokin!

And we went to battle of the bands together! It was pretty fly. Neither of my friend's bands won... But they great! Oh, and her name's bethany by the way!


September 10 2006
Yo guys I've got a girlfriend and she's awesome! She's an awesome
Christian.. We believe the same things. She's Pentecostal. And She's

And we went to battle of the bands together! It was pretty fly. Neither of my friend's bands won... But they both did good! You should check them out on mySpace, All for nothing, and Tweed and the southside Mafia!

Peace out! Oh and her name is Bethany by the way! Woot!


September 01 2006
Oakland won tonight... we beat siegel... enough said.


August 30 2006
Check out my crazy family!



August 29 2006
Check out my crazy family!



August 02 2006
Well apparantly that last one wasn't too good of a post... and to those who might be thinking that I was just talking about punks... no... I was meerly pointing out the fact that I found them quite humorous in this matter... and by no means was I judging anyone... Seeing as I have no bases on which to judge... I was meerly venting on something that happened to make me angry at the time... By the way alot of my friends are in the punk or something like that croud... and some of them cuss... It's not like I hate everyone that cusses... I could just do without it... especially when there is no point in using it... Sorry if I offended anyone... It was not intended!

Cussing.... Oh what fun....

August 02 2006
There is much to say for my hatred of cussing... The fact that it is used sooo much for no purpose, and everyone says the same thing! What I find even more humorous, is the person actually doing the cussing! When I look around, the majority of people that I see cussing are the punks or rebels, with whom it is the fad, for this particular group (not saying that they are all alike), to be as abnormal or stray from doing the typicall thing. The absolute hillarity in this is that you see the majority of them cussing and usually saying as many words as they can! Which isn't only doing what everyone else around them is doing but even doing it more than normal! I pose a question... Why would you lower yourself to say the same words that tons of other people have used throughout their lives? And don't give me the "I only do it when I'm angry excuse... cuz you can vent using words that are harsh but still remain clean and might even be less traditional! Imagine that... Do us all a favor and expand your vocabulary... Please! I'm kinda getting annoyed!

Warped Tour '06!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 23 2006
Wow what can I say about warped tour besides amazing!!!! I got to see some of the best bands in the world! Plus the band that had the biggest and craziest croud was Underoath which just happens to be a Christian band and he got up and said that they were there playing in the name of Jesus Christ!!! I was sooooo happy about that that I wanted to pee my pants! but it was great! So great in fact that I took tons of pictures!!! Check them out and leave me some sweet comments!


May 26 2006

This is a pretty darn amazing photo in honor of tonights storm!!! Rain Rocks!!! I've got some other too so check them out!!!

photo from dang Randy

Favorite Poem...

May 05 2006
Hey guy's this is one of my favorite poems so..... I guess check it out although alot of you have probably read it the ones who haven't are in for a real treat!

"We wear the mask that grins and lies,
It hides our cheeks and shades our eyes,­-
This debt we pay to human guile;
With torn and bleeding hearts we smile,
And mouth with myriad subtleties.

Why should the world be over-wise,
In counting all our tears and sighs?
Nay, let them only see us, while
We wear the mask.

We smile, but, O great Christ, our cries
To thee from tortured souls arise.
We sing, but oh the clay is vile
Beneath our feet, and long the mile;
But let the world dream other-wise,
We wear the mask!" - Paul Laurence Dunbar


May 04 2006
    Is hate absolutely the worst status that you can have with another? I don't think so. For instance if someone hates you, what does that mean? The way I see it, it is a strong disliking for someone, but also why would someone go out of their way to make sure that you know that they hate you if they indead really do feel that way about you. Obviously if someone in fact actually did feal this horrible emotion toward you they would just not even bother. Because typically with things that I hate, I try to keep quite a distance between me and that certain object. So in other words for someone to hate you and then care enough about you to actually consider telling you instead of just avoiding the matter in hand, they probably don't  in fact hate you. So think about that the next time someone goes out of their way just to tell you that they hate you. It's kinda funny because there's this girl at school who apparently loathes me sooo greatly that she has to constantly remind me everyday. Kids these days... what kinda hatred is that. Yeah this was kind of a weird post and alot of it doesn't make sense and it's definetly not insightfull like what I thought it might turn out to be but I've already typed it all out so I'm not going to go back and erase it all... Oh well...

hey guy's it's been a while

April 10 2006
I broke up with kelsey but it was mutual so that's great!!! And that lifted a heavy stress burden off of my shoulders. Not because she was my girlfriend but because for about two weeks I knew that I kneeded to break up with her but I didn't know how torn up she would be, if at all. But apparently she felt the exact same way that I did so that was a huge relief but also quite irritating! All that stess for nothin'! I went to Chicago last week and it was awesome and I'll try to get as many pictures up to let you guys know how it was!!! But I guess that's it for now. See ya

hey hey hey!!

March 10 2006
Sup kids, I just thought that you should know that formal is tommorow and I'm So f'n excited you couldn't believe it. I'm probably goin' to end up spending WAY to much money, but who cares, besides I think it'll be worth it! Oh and I added some more pics!!! I gave blood last Tuesday! It was alright except the nurse that was doing mine couldn't find my vain so this other nurse came over and was telling her to move it all around and one of her movements sent a sudden shock through my body and then I turned completely white and my lips turned blue which as most of you know means a lack of  Oxygen! So I almost past out but then that other lady tried she couldn't find it so then this bald guy comes over and he get the needle and finds it in like less than 2 seconds so sometimes I guess things just need a man's touch!! But I gotta go. whish me luck on tommorow! Oh and Kelsey still rocks!!


February 24 2006

hey guy's more cool photo's so check em out!!! P.S. My relationship is going really good! We haven't really done anything! and that is really cool cuz that is a huge change! And the reason I have so many exclemation points is because I'm excited!!!!!!!!!!!! But yeah I like her she likes me....what more could you want?

I love people

February 18 2006
people are cool, They can make you smile and that's good! Sometimes people are not good so you just walk away from them and find someone who is good. And that was my thought for the day.

Sup pimps?!?

February 13 2006
Hey guys just wanted to say that life's great! Snow is on the ground! And Randy's out of school! Oh and the play is going awesome! Some one said that a ladie saw me walking down the hallway and said that she addored me!!! How amazing is that? My vote is pretty amazing! Leave some cool posts or something