Blackman High

curly red in the big city

October 04 2005
hey hey from dc! you know, the capitol.
we left on sunday morning, my mom and her friend, my sis, and myself.
arrived at the mall where all the museums are on monday afternoon and looked a bit at the am. history museum.
then tuesday, we went to the national zoo, but little sis is sick so we had to leave early, the apes and dragons threatened to eat her, although she had no problem with the prairie dogs. anyways, we went to georgetown, a little place in north dc with stores and restarants and such, quite fun.
right so i've got to sleep, much to do.



September 07 2005
are really really messy and smelly and gross.
but they're pretty fun..
today at the key club meeting, we had some time to burn, so we had this big relay thing, and there was eggs.
chris horne ends up throwing an egg at me, oh disgusting, but then i go running after him and tackle him, get the stuff all over him. then we both try to get mr. johnson all eggy, but he runs backwards and defends himself with yardsticks... man that was funny.


what'd i tell you?

August 22 2005
alright then. a month with no posts. i think that proves my point. or that i am incredibly lazy.
but anyways, to sum up the month, i went to florida, built a pool, chased some goooses, and came back just in time for school.
school's alright, got two classes with sam this year, art and history, and history so far isn't as bad as it was made out to be.
so you know what movie's hilarious? 40 year old virgin.
very funny stuff, went to see it with sam on friday. highly recommended. although you do have to sneak in if you're not 17.. heh.. how fun.
alright that's all, peoples. have a good month.


Dang Blonde Scam Artists

July 28 2005
so i figured i never update my xanga, so what's the point in getting one of these?
but then comes along one of those dang blonde scam artists who quickly makes it her mission to swindle me into joining phusebox. she listens to no logic, and finally i gave in. it was my intention to sign up and be done, but this is crazy, i have to write something too?
so here it is, my tale of woe, courtesy of that dang blonde scam artist.