March 02 2006


March 02 2006
what is up everyone I am doing good It was my one month anniversary with Aaron on the 27of Feb.  but I just wanted to tell you. I am so bored write me so I can be entertained.............


February 24 2006
Did anyone watch Amer. Idol last Night?

Military Ball

February 21 2006
ok let me tell you about the Military Ball I went to saturday night. My mom decide that I was going to be late so aaron had to wait outside in the cold for me to get there. But he did not have to stand outside he just did. the whole ceremony took a good hour to get dont but anyway Aaron was complaining that he had to stand for an hour but he got over it.the first song was a slow song and I dont dance to slow songs and I dont like PDA and he knows I danced with Joseph barron and I danced with Donald because he owed me a dance. Joseph decided that he wanted to twork on me so I let him and when Tootsie Roll came on I tworked on him. It was funny as hell. I had to teach alot of people to dance but aaron needs some work! alot of people were telling him that he needed to stop dancing and I guess that hurt his feelings and that I would not slow dance with him.oooooh let me tell you Officer knoe can not dance at all . nemanja and I danced some and I showed him how to do the YMCA and it was alot of funny I actually had a good time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


February 17 2006
hola como estas


February 14 2006
what is up everyone I was kind of sick earier today but my boyfriend got me two Dozen yellow roses and I was so Happy I wanted to cry but I did not and to Karen I was Kind nauseaed but I am doing good now


February 12 2006

hello everyone I can not figure out what to get Aaron for V. Day if you have any Ideas Tell me and all the VE people bring our boxes


February 10 2006
Everybody who messaged me can kiss my black butt


February 10 2006

hat way i say p uay veryone eay I m aay aving hay I ood gay ay day. And if you can not read pig latin you are GAY lol lol lol


February 09 2006
hola como estas how is it going I am bored right now and I need something to do I saw mrs. Maddox at work last night and she was happy to see me will bye for now


February 05 2006

ok so yesterday Aaron Called and I did not find out that he called until this afternoon when my sister came in and told me. She came in and said oh yeah by the way Aaron called and I forgot to tell you I was pissed.Today I got home from church and I called him and his brother answered and said that he was asleep then I had to go to work at 4:30 but they let me go because the business was slow so I got home I caled Germani and then I did three way with him and I called Aaron but not one person answered the phone so I am in a ok mood right now plus SOMEONE told me that I need to communicate with him more but I can not because I am not a very talkative person so I need to work on that so I am mad right now but I need to get off the computer because germani want to talk to me so I will talk to you all later BYE


February 03 2006
what is up everyone I am Confused today and I am bored to death but I am so good today


January 27 2006
I am so happy right now Aaron and I just when on our first date and it was cool That is like the first Date I have been on My mom said I can go to the military Ball so I am happy about that she said I can go as long as she does not have to pay for it so I am going to. Well I need to go to bed but I am to excited to go right now I wish that isa could later longer than it did but I am happy about one thing I worked up the nerve to hold his hand while we were at the movies so I did good I was so freakin nervous my hand was shaking but I did it


January 25 2006

what is up everyone I am doing good right now I just had a good experience this morning and I wish it could have lasted but anywho How is everyone Because I am doing great. I now have a job at DEMOS' so come and eat their so you can see me ok I got to go right now so bye

love (I guess)

January 20 2006
what is up everyone today has been a good day I thinkAaron wanted to get closer to me but I guess I just pushed him away I was going to take him home but his sister showed up so any who today is a good day


January 18 2006
I am kind of happy that today is a snow day but also I am Not happy at all

something to tell

January 15 2006
hola como estas  I am so bored right now so talk to me

Nothing really

January 12 2006
Anyway I have just joined Phusebox and I need friends so come on and join me ok thanks it would be helpful ok anyway I really have nothing to say right now so bye to everyone