Okay guys

February 22 2006
Just for clarification:

Honestly, I'm pysched at the responses I have recieved at my previous post- very comforting. But I wasn't depressed, I promise. I was just lonely, it happens.

Everyone has been there, kinda like someone....but you're not sure if they like you, or even if you have a shot. Hence, the sigh...lol

I love you guys, thanks for all of your support haha


February 22 2006
i know how you feel about the not sure if they like you or not! ill be praying for you!

lisa marie

February 22 2006
it does happen... i was like that too last week. anyways, i dont have anymore details on the wedding stuff. i know its on the 22nd of july and its the blower's daughter. if you can, play through it and get comfrotable with it--i dont know if i'll need you to sing for it, but think about it. i hope you have a wonderful week! be blessed - lisa

Jessica Jo

February 22 2006
haha. Now that I look back on the comment I left you I can see how it might make you sound depressed. All I can do is sigh about it too.....

where is my love?~

February 23 2006
aww ryan! dont be lonely!! its ok i feel the same way sometimes too. But it'll be ok!!! just smile! what are you gonna be doing on march 18th? cuz me and my roommate and her boyfriend are coming to tn for the weekend before we go to ohio for spring break and i was going to see if you wanted to go to nashville with us and casey and heather and maybe josh or whoever that saturday night~ Just give me a call or leave me a message on here or something and we can work out details later. Ttyl!! ~Julia

Jamie Smith

February 23 2006
hey i dont really know whats goin on but I hope everything turns out ok and that you are feeling better! Definantly give me a call this weekend we need to hang out... I promis I wont get a flat tire this time!