Clint Nadeau




Be Good to Your Ears!

February 06 2006
Be good to your ears! Be extremely kind to your heart and mind! Let your soul and spirit swim in melodies and lyrics that are hard to find these days!

Download (paying a fee or buying an album) Tim Hughes' "Giver of Life." May this song start playing in your heart and mind or through your speakers when your spiritual life best resembles your mouth after you run 5 miles.

Giver of life, You never change
All that is perfect comes from You
Your wonders never cease
Not even life, not even death
Nor any power in heaven or earth
Could separate us from Your love           

You are good
And Your mercies last a lifetime
You are good, always, always
Everyday, Your love is never ending
For You are good, always always

Freely you give
New every day
Your mercies will never fail
So great is Your faithfulness!
Your love is kind, Your love is pure
Your love will always persevere
Every blessing comes from You
You delight to pour Your goodness down
You delight to pour Your goodness down

Rachael Vance

February 07 2006
wow..that's just crazy amazing


February 07 2006
amen clint. yes, it is truely hard to find music for our hearts these days. that is sad.


March 16 2006
OMG!! Aslan is so precious!!! Congrats!!! In Christ, Shelby