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December 29 2005
well...its about time...

we all drank a little

October 23 2005

my favorite part of last night...

"who the fuck is thacker?!"  -kyle

go figure

September 10 2005
so...uhh...i got another car. im such a car whore.


September 02 2005
wow, i feel like total and complete crap. got food poisoning from krysal burgers, it feels like i never get a break from work and/or school, and my normal escape from everything (driving) has been shot down by rediculously outrageous gas prices. if i werent so sick, it would make me extremely happy to be hanging out with jamie, but whatever. bye.


August 24 2005
schools awesome. ive been offered a sponsorship for my car. work sucks. gas is expensive. im thirsty.


July 31 2005
look at my car!

yet another one.

July 29 2005
so yesterday i got another car. this makes number 8 in 2 years. someone call me and we can go hang out because i love driving it. omg. i feel like im in love with an unpopular chick because before 3 days ago, i hated the car. haha. later.
and i got to see jamie! it made my day. shes so pretty.


July 26 2005
a year ago, life was normal. if you dont know what im talking about, dont worry about it. if you do im sure the melody still lingers on.

a little late.

July 21 2005
i meant to make this post yesteday but i didnt think about it until too late, but as of yesterday it had been 51 weeks. thats all. it seems like a whole lot longer. its amazing how much can change in less than a year. wow...


July 20 2005
oh my holy frikin crap. i had forgotten how much i hate working. i just started at toots and its not bad. but its still work. wow, 8 1/2 hours will take it out of ya. ok, im done complaining.

so...i found out i have 2 waists

July 13 2005
bowling is always fun, especially when i win. infortunately, tonight, i didnt win. one game i actually bowled a 9. but it was fun. i got to see JAMIE! (who i havent seen in forever and a day!) well, thats it. later


July 11 2005
wow. ive been sitting at home doing a lot of nothing lately. it sure is great. i start school in like 3.5 weeks so relaxing is good. i dont mind doing anything though, so if anyone wants to go out or what not, gimme a ring-a-ding-ding (319-7934)

well, that was fun...

July 04 2005
ahh the smell of gun powder. i was bored intil about 1030 when i discovered that a few of my friends were going to go blast each other with explosives. so, of course that sounded fun. so where do we go? thats right, blackman high school parking lot. after that, i went to pauls and chilled for a little while. saw some people i havent seen in a while. well, its late so, whatever.

i too lazy to work this much...

July 01 2005
ive havent really been doing much the past couple of days, hence the no posting. but shortly after i woke up this morning, a car was delivered to me. a friend of mine messed up his integra and i was the lucky candidate to fix it. dont get me wrong, i love doing it and im decently good at it, but its a lot of work to change the pistons in a dohc engine. (im sure most of you already knew that) but anyway, its really hot and working outside is very exhausting. im pretty sure ive sweated off approx. 26.8 lbs. but anyway, life is great, summer is awesome. hit me up if you wanna do something

we have WAY too much free time.

June 27 2005
so me and jason were bored today, so we decided to paint his xbox. yeah, sounds boring, but stay with me, there will be a test later. so, we thought that no single color was worthy of residing on jasons console, hence our color choice. color shift. yes, the infamous flip flop paint. ya know, its purple from one angle, then morphs into red, yellow, orange, gold, royal blue, green, and almost any other happy color you could think of. well, that is the extent of my entertainment for the time being. later

christmas is exactly 6 months away!

June 25 2005
so, went to the roosevelts show last night, but didnt really go. listened to the serene sounds of john mayer in the park. wow, summer nights are awesome. i mean, whats better than sitting on a bench at 12am listening to the acoustic version of gettin jiggy with it? hmm...


June 23 2005
for the very few people who know that this site exists, id like to treat you to a picture of a bunny with a pancake on its head. enjoy.

photo from chrisduncan

if i had a hammer...

June 22 2005
i hate waking up early. i know its not early right now, but ive been up building a shed for a few hours and its not fun at all. its hot outside. i have sawdust in my eye. im tired. but hey, i cant complain...


June 20 2005
wow. i think i like this thing better than xanga. its pretty cool. none of that "you have to pay to put pictures on" crap.