1st day @ skool

August 10 2006

well....well....well....2day was my 1st day @ skool,,n when i got 2 skool dis mornin' i was lookin 4 my name on da board,,which tells me where my homeroom is,,n then i was shocked 4 a sec cz i cudnt find my name there,,so,,i went to d office n asked them,,n then finally i knw where 2 go,,n then when i got 2 my homeroom,,i finally got my schedule..but then i still not familiar wit d campus yet,,so guess wat???i got lost so many times =p n also i got REALLY..X-TREMELY DIZZY cz i ddnt hv breakfast,,n dats also bcuz i got up late dis mornin'.....well dats wat was happenin' 2day @ my new skool,,bjs 2 all of u dat read dis...


Bill Morgan

August 10 2006
Hey kiddo, you are supposed to eat breakfast so you have strength !! Good luck tomorrow .... 1st days are always tough