hate it

April 27 2006

i dunno if dat person mad at me or not,,but seems like they mad at me with no reason..n they jst stop talkin' 2 u!!isnt dat anoyin'??sumtimes u jst dunno wat 2 do..even tho' u tried to talk 2 them but they wont say anythin' back 2 u!!i was just tryin 2 b nice 2 them but wat did i get??uuuuuuurrrggggghhhhhhh........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!its so anoyin'!!!!!


Bill Morgan

April 27 2006
I'm not mad at you ... if they have a problem, they can work it out. You be yourself, Che

x x

April 27 2006
siapa k yg kk ngomongin?!?! kirimin caca jawabannya lewat msg!ok dech!! :')