bak 2 skool!!

April 24 2006

yep,,2day was  da 1st day of was an OK day.......i woke up late dis mornin',,i usually wakes up @ 6 - 6.30 but dis mornin' i woke up around 15 mnts to 7=p... n i had 15 mnts 2 get ready but i still made it 4 da bus tho' hehhe...^^',,n i kinda dissapointed dat not all of my friends were @ skool yet,,dey were just 2 lazy 2 go 2  skool 4 da 1st day!!maybe n hopefully by 2morro' evrybdy will b thurr!

i got so bored during da last 3 classes 2day...i dunno y,,usually im always da hyper 1,,but 4 sum reason i just not feelin hyper 2day during skool time,,n i even almost fell a sleep during drama class,,cuz we were watchin da MACBETH d end of da class i realized it wasnt only me,,but d entire class almost fell a sleep 2!!!(^0^)"

Bill Morgan

April 25 2006
Don't cha be lazy .... its important to finish the year in good standing ... TRUST ME.