2day is da last day (T.T)"

April 23 2006

2day is da last day of da spring break holliday!!shud i b happy or shud i b sad????confusing huh???

well,,lemme' tell ya..i kinda happy cuz i've get 2 c all my friends again,,n c new ppl..but,,in a way i kinda dont,,cuz no more x-tra time 2 sleep!!!nnnooooo...='(

hopefully 2morro' we dun hv 2 do any hard work (doubt it (T.T)")


Josh Morgan

April 23 2006
Well, if you're gonna choose, I'd say choose to be happy. Happy is always better than sad. :)

x x

April 23 2006
I agree what josh's said! but..i'll be both (hahahaha....)

Bill Morgan

April 24 2006
Be happy. Don't worry .... life is good !!!