so frustrating!!argghh....

November 03 2006

well im havin' dis presentation on monday in health..n one of my partners is not gna b @ skool on monday,,cz she has 2 go 2 singapore 4 her "visa". i dunno y..evrytime we hv a team work thing im always wit her..uurrrgghh...n she barely even in skool..n now im freakin' out bcuz shes gna talk bout da important part on da presentation..n dis time im already prepared 4 it..i know wat im gna say but i knw dat da health teacher will b mad @ my group bcuz da girl is not gna b @ skool..n plus da teacher is neva' like me at all 4 sum reason so jst pray 4 me!!


September 18 2006

yeap concert!well my skool having this choir concert on the 29th of dis month,,n we got to do the try outs for one of the songs that we will present it n one of us can get to do da solo,,n im going to do the try outs tomorrow n hope my throath gets better by tomorrow,,huhuuhhhhh!!!!!im so excited bout dis concert!!xD....



August 25 2006


huhu im so OLD!!!!!='(



August 25 2006

here it comes weekend,,hah!!!so many HOMEWORKS!!!!!!wat???its weekend,,we were spposed 2 let our brain 2 cool down but not if u in JIS,,there is homeworks evry single day!!wwhoooaaa!!!n one of my classes is getting really hard,,n dat makes me even more stress!!JINX but since 2morro is MY B'DAY,,im kinda x-cited...n also i hv test in choir on monday so dat makes me even more x-cited =D...NEwayz,,thats ol 4 2day hihi=P


1st day @ skool

August 10 2006

well....well....well....2day was my 1st day @ skool,,n when i got 2 skool dis mornin' i was lookin 4 my name on da board,,which tells me where my homeroom is,,n then i was shocked 4 a sec cz i cudnt find my name there,,so,,i went to d office n asked them,,n then finally i knw where 2 go,,n then when i got 2 my homeroom,,i finally got my schedule..but then i still not familiar wit d campus yet,,so guess wat???i got lost so many times =p n also i got REALLY..X-TREMELY DIZZY cz i ddnt hv breakfast,,n dats also bcuz i got up late dis mornin'.....well dats wat was happenin' 2day @ my new skool,,bjs 2 all of u dat read dis...



August 04 2006






August 02 2006

well...well...well...i went 2 JIS (jakarta int'nl skool) n da math test was hard...HOLLY MAMBOOO....n i dun eve remember sum stuff!!uuurrrggghhh.....................but dey said i possibly get accepted..well if i am,,im really confuse where 2 go,,i like both,,its jst dat AIS is so.....small,,n i knw more ppl in JIS..n even tho' dey hv IB program,,i still can choose whether i wna do it or not,, really confuse rite now....wwwhhhhooaaa...kk bye2 ppl,,


1st skool

August 01 2006

wwoookkkaayy...2day i went 2 AIS,,well da skool was ok...its really...really...x-tremely small skool BUT i really like da program thurr..da teacher said i might b in yr 11,,cz he said i still can catch up to collect all da points to get to yr 12..well im starting hv a feelin dat im goin 2 AIS jst bcuz of da program..but i hvnt seen da JIS yet,,so i might change my  mind..n 2morro im goin 2 JIS n take da test thurr,,so yep dats it fo' now..bjs 2 all of ya



July 31 2006

well,,im was rite as soon as i got here,,i felt ssssssssooooooooooooooooooo weird around me,,like da people...wwwwwhhhhooooaaa.....i still cant believe dat im in jakarta?!?!?!?!?!?!?i miss angola awready...huhuhuh....i thought being in angola is gna b such a big drama 4 me,,bow im here in even scared 4 sum reason,,dunno y??is jst dat evrythin' so x-treemly WEIRD!!


no more LIS

June 24 2006

huhuhuhuhuhu............='( sad dat im leavin' all my my friends,,s-pecially my best friend!!im gna miss all of 'em!!! X'(,,n also im gna miss all the angolan songs,, beaches,, n all da beautiful view,,da beautifull ppl too!!!!huhuhuhu.................but i kinda wna leave angola too tho' cz too much drama 4 me!=p hahha....=D


crazy hair day

May 11 2006

crazi hair da is 2morro'!!!!!!


b-ball game

May 07 2006

da game was fun,,da girls lost again,,but at least da guys won wit score 24-48!!!!!!yayyyy!!!!n then after dat,,we had a party last nite @ atlantico sul,,i was so tired..cuz i danced so much....even tho da music not all hip-hop,,but they still play samba n reggaeton' hehehhehe.......=p...n last nite i looked x-tremly beautiful......hehehehe......ven my bf was melting!!!!i'll show u da pics later....but da party wasnt da really best 1,,it was jst i had a fight wit sum1 who was acting like lil' kid!but its all gud now!!


dress up day

May 06 2006

yesterday was fun,we had to dress up as our hero @ skool,,n i dressed up as a thinkerbell....hahhaha.....i was wearing my lime green top wit a lime green skirt kinda long but it looks like da fairies kinda style...dunno how 2 describe it,,Mr. Mazibuko took lotta pic. of me!!heheh...but i still havent get any pic back yet...i'll show u guys wat was i look like!!=D....n i got da free ticket 4 da skool fair nxt saturday..yayyyyy!!!!!


being used

May 02 2006

at first they were all nice 2 u,,n do anything....jst 2 get sumthin' 4m u...hhmmppphh....its all fake!!!y do ppl like doin' dat???


my poem =D

April 29 2006

ok,,hhhmmmpphhh....lemme' tell u guys not used 2 write poem in english,,but i'll try...well i wrote dis poem cuz we had 2 write a poem in english class about friendship,,but NEway.....i need u guys comment on my poem!


Friendship is like a chameleon

Changeable and inconstant

Unreliable and fickle

Faking, pretending

Not wanting to show their true color


What we all wish for is

True friendship

Just like a diamond

Hard to find, valuable

Constant and everlasting

hate it

April 27 2006

i dunno if dat person mad at me or not,,but seems like they mad at me with no reason..n they jst stop talkin' 2 u!!isnt dat anoyin'??sumtimes u jst dunno wat 2 do..even tho' u tried to talk 2 them but they wont say anythin' back 2 u!!i was just tryin 2 b nice 2 them but wat did i get??uuuuuuurrrggggghhhhhhh........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!its so anoyin'!!!!!


another new girl!

April 26 2006 class is da smallest class in our skool,,its only 8 ppl with 1 guys n 7 girls=D.....n da new girl is so girlie girl she so OMG girl....she uses OMG in evry senteces........gggeeezzzz....!!!but shame....shes nice tho'!!neways....i've got lotta things2 do 4 nxt week...i hv persentation comin' up bout geothermal energy 4 humanities class (T.T)" which is my my fav. subject!!(yea..rite) lotta ppl knw y!its funny lotta students fell a sleep during mr. groenink's class(humanities n TOK teacher)....


bak 2 skool!!

April 24 2006

yep,,2day was  da 1st day of was an OK day.......i woke up late dis mornin',,i usually wakes up @ 6 - 6.30 but dis mornin' i woke up around 15 mnts to 7=p... n i had 15 mnts 2 get ready but i still made it 4 da bus tho' hehhe...^^',,n i kinda dissapointed dat not all of my friends were @ skool yet,,dey were just 2 lazy 2 go 2  skool 4 da 1st day!!maybe n hopefully by 2morro' evrybdy will b thurr!

i got so bored during da last 3 classes 2day...i dunno y,,usually im always da hyper 1,,but 4 sum reason i just not feelin hyper 2day during skool time,,n i even almost fell a sleep during drama class,,cuz we were watchin da MACBETH d end of da class i realized it wasnt only me,,but d entire class almost fell a sleep 2!!!(^0^)"

2day is da last day (T.T)"

April 23 2006

2day is da last day of da spring break holliday!!shud i b happy or shud i b sad????confusing huh???

well,,lemme' tell ya..i kinda happy cuz i've get 2 c all my friends again,,n c new ppl..but,,in a way i kinda dont,,cuz no more x-tra time 2 sleep!!!nnnooooo...='(

hopefully 2morro' we dun hv 2 do any hard work (doubt it (T.T)")