September 07 2005

"And I’ve been housing all this doubt and insecurity and
I’ve been locked inside that house all the while You hold the key
And I’ve been dying to get out and that might be the death of me
And even though, there’s no way in knowing where to go, promise I’m going because
I gotta get outta here
I’m stuck inside this rut that I fell into by mistake
I gotta get outta here
And I’m begging You, I’m begging You, I’m begging You to be my escape."

I'd post the whole song, but that'd take up a lot of space. That song...is exactly what i'm feeling. No questions asked, hands down...great song.

~Rachel =)

Sara Read

September 07 2005
daniel ratcliff: "expecto PATRONUM!!!!" carlton: "oh, come on, one more time!!" daniel radcliff: "EXPECTO PATRONUM!!!" carlton: "i love being married to you, harry. i mean, erm, daniel! ONE MORE TIME!"

Sarah Vermillion

September 07 2005
*reads Sara's comment* Erm... what's that all about, eh?


September 11 2005
Hey!!! I'm so glad I know someone here now!! LOL... So yeah maybe I'll update mine... Anyway, It was good to see you yesterday! Hopefully I'll be back for "My Drink" next week again! Cya! Sam