I'm taking over my bathroom.

September 04 2005

Sharing a bathroom with two brothers didn't work, so maybe now that one's gone....

Haha, yeah, pretty sure I spent like an hour of my day pacing around my room and muttering ideas about how to change my room and how to take over my bathroom. And I finally washed my car! *dances*

Siegel has a winning streak! Siegel has a winning streak! haha, I loved the way the paper worded it-"this is the first time the third year school has won consecutive games". I wonder if we get better than blackman if they'll still hate us so much =)

I have so much to say, and no words to write it in. So in that case...

~Rachel =)


September 04 2005
pshh, we already are better than blackman.

Stephanie Levine

September 04 2005
I wanted to help wash your car. I wouldn't throw dirty water on you. I would NEVER do that.=) hehe. I need to finish redoing my room. I wanna help.

Sarah Vermillion

September 04 2005
Rarr! You should plant a flag in the floor and be like, "I claim this bathroom for MEEEEEE!"


September 05 2005
hey, you're the girl. your should defintely get the bathroom, not your brothers.