i'm finally back!

August 25 2005

haha, just finished my last summer reading card (Their Eyes Were Watching God) the day before it was due. I think I have some kind of disease that doesn't let me get things done until the absolute last minute. I'm serious, it's alllllllllllways the night before. If I try to do it earlier, I'll get distracted. Oh well....Stephy has it too....maybe we both just like stress. =P

Rachel has seven classes this year! Of course you would have already known this if I updated more than every two weeks....but stilll. Yay for etymology!

Maybe it'll be easier to write this weekend when I'm not dead from writing the plot of a book where all that happens is the stupid girl gets married every three seconds....

G'night, dearies.

~Rachel =)


August 26 2005
High five for taking seven classes!! Ugh, it's a hard existance. And no, I don't understand any of "Boogie Wonderland". It sounds more like halloween than disco to me.

Kelly Jo

August 27 2005
Etymology!!!! Mr. York!!!!! Harry Potter!!!


September 03 2005
I think the disease is procrastination! Don't worry, I have it too.