Kid's Castle+friends+cupcakes+band=fun

July 26 2005
Yay for eventful days!.

Dude, our new music is awesome! I really think I'm going to looooove this show. And pre-camp.....haha, standing between freshman telling them they're marching wrong while holding a very full, very cold water bottle. hehehe.......we'll see. =)

Oh yeah, my car? After breaking down four times, not to mention getting it a new alternator and battery, it is now brought to our attention that it's...just.....some....stupid.....pulley.
Oh well, at least it's not a new radiator and stuff.....very, verrrrrry thankful for that. *answered prayers*

Okie doke, think that's all for now. See you monkeys later. older brother is moving out..... Friday

~Rachel =)

Sam-Graham Jinn (Graham Wells)

July 26 2005
mtsu library

Courtney Caldwell

July 26 2005
Wow, your car is officially teh suck.

Stephanie Levine

July 27 2005
since your brother is moving out...can i move in?haha- that would be funny


July 27 2005
I love you Rachel!


July 27 2005
I like that equation. I wish we had those kind of equations in algebra!


July 27 2005
I already told you, he's not leaving. We cannot allow that. Mmmm, I think I might join you at the pre-camp thing. That nice cold water sounds quite nice.

Tyler H.

July 28 2005
who are you?