Bored, bored, booooooreed....

November 04 2005

Yeah, is there any other way to put that? Didn't think so....

Wow, my last entry was a month ago....And band is finally over, so I have my life back. But apparently I'm sitting at home, bored (about to resort to...dare I say it.....voluntarily going to the coffee shop) so having my life back may not be a good thing.

It's quiet. Really, really quiet.

Can you guys tell i'm bored?

~Rachel =)

Sarah Vermillion

November 04 2005
No! You musn't go to the coffee shop of your own free will!

Sara Read

November 06 2005
life is not short. its long, stupid. everyones a pessimist, and is all "life is so short. boo hoo" um pretty sure that its long, and boring.

Courtney Caldwell

November 06 2005
The coffie shop eh?