June 16 2005
Today I found out that Stacy is moving to Indiana. Blah. Hopefully she and Bethany and Charles and I can get together to eat next week. This weekend I am going to Knoxville for a good friend's wedding- Charles is a groomsman- Michael is the one that introduced me to Charles, and they have been friends for.... over 15 years I think. The thing that had me really upset was that there was going to be a bachelor's party. I can't handle that well. The thought of strippers or porn just makes me nauseous and insecure. Luckily, Charles talked to the guy that is throwing the party, and the guy *who is a friend of ours* agree to let girls come along and we will just be doing geeky things- good clean fun. I hate how insecure I am, but I am glad that the situation worked out. So this weekend I will be in Knoxville for the rehearsal, bachelor party, and ceremony. Then it's back to Murf, and then back to Knoxville NEXT weekend for a baby shower. Bethany, if you read this, can I have your mailing address please? You can e-mail it if you don't want to post it for the world to see. ;) Thanks. Hope everyone else is doing well. :)


June 19 2005
lol yeah I'd have to say that I'm not into star wars..lol I'm more of a Potter freak. :)