August 27 2005
Ok, so I've been busy. I've been in Knoxville for a week now. Charles was on a business trip in Florida but thank God he's back now. I don't like it when he's away. :*( Poor anna.
School starts Monday and I am kind of worried, but I am looking forward to seeing Bethany (i hope!) and Justin, as well as some other people I met last semester. I hope I do well. I am worried about a lot of things, but things aren't so overwhelming now because I am married. :) Yay for marriage! I totally endorse marriage- you should all try it!
Kenobi is having a playdate right now with my friend's kitten, Pepper. They are roughly the same age and are wrestling on top of me, so I'd better go. But I hope to update more now that school is almost back in session. :)

Bethany Bratcher

August 27 2005
Glad Charles is back and that you are happy :) We need a Toots date soon!

Rachel Chase

August 29 2005
YES!! Azumangadaioh rox! ^^ ur cool!

Nathan Moore

August 30 2005
If you don't have quicktime, try this link out... it is in wmv format (but you should really get quicktime)...