July 21 2005
Today Charles and I ate lunch with Bethany. I had a great time. :) Afterwards, I watched Days of Our Lives. It is my little guilty pleasure. Then I got new headphones for my Shuffle cause I already broke the ones I had. Then I went to the gym and walked. When I left, I saw Laban. Talked to him for just a sec, then I came home to my husband. Things are good. :) I am missing my old job in Knoxville- the one where I sat around in the call center at Jewelry Television, taking orders and making friends. When I was there, I read the first 5 Harry Potter books. I can't wait to read the 6th, but I just can't seem to get started. I read very slowly and I don't like to start unless I know I have a large chunk of time ahead of me. I hope everyone else is well... gotta go play with the kitten! :)

Bethany Bratcher

July 22 2005
I am glad I got to see you guys today-we will have to do it again soon. What was Laban doing? Did he say anything of interest? :)


July 22 2005
Laban had just played some raquetball and asked me what was up. I told him about being married, and asked him what classes he's taking in Fall. Looks like we'll be sharing stats and advanced cog.

kayla hale

July 22 2005
anserw to you question...cheerleaders are not the stuck up people you see in movies and about the cliicks it is mainly in the cheerteam not around school...i have more freinds that i hang out with more than the cheerleaders...hope that helps...love ya...kayla!!