June 05 2005
Charles and I went out last night with two friends of ours that live in Antioch. We went to the mall out there and had a good time. Charles looked at wedding bands, because we have already bought mine but we haven't ordered his yet. We discovered that you can get wedding bands made out of tungsten, and he is very intrigued by this. So we looked around for awhile, saw things I wish we could afford (I need a new purse, because Hello Kitty is getting rather ratty!), and had a good time hanging out with our friends. Then we went back to their apartment and watched a little TV about serial killers. We came home and researched tungsten wedding bands on the internet, and Charles found one that he really really really wants- its engraving matches mine, so I really like it too. It is a little expensive so we are gonna start calling places to see if we can get it any cheaper. Then I went to bed and had nightmares about serial killers. Then I had a dream that Charles and I went on our honeymoon and neither of us could remember getting married, and it turned out that we had decided to skip our own wedding. :/ I guess the stress is maybe getting to me in real life? I can't wait to be married, but I think planning a wedding in my first semester of grad school was overly ambitious. Don't get me wrong, I am happy and things in life are far more good than bad. I just don't want to buckle under the stress. Grad school looks so easy for everyone else. Everyone just smiles through it like it's no big deal. Maybe I'm not cut out for it. Oh well, we'll see.
Tomorrow we pick up Kenobi from the vet, and we are going to Knoxville for part of next week, so I will have lots of time to think about things. Have a good day everyone. :)

Bethany Bratcher

June 05 2005
I am glad you are getting the kitten you want. I know planning a wedding must be incredibly stressful, but you are almost there! As far as grad school goes, of course you are cut out for it! Did you ever get your grade from group dynamics?


June 05 2005
No, I didn't cause of the hold on my account. Hopefully I'll get that taken care of tomorrow. I can't wait to be married, but thank God I am only getting married once, cause I couldn't handle doing this again. ;) Don't you ever just feel like screaming and pulling out your hair? I know I do. :)