Does such a thing exist?

March 16 2006

I would like for a website to exist that is like phusebox, only you can upload documents instead of pictures, and you can make them private. I guess this DOES exist and is called an ftp, but I want the lazy-man's version of an ftp so I can access documents from any computer. Why? Because I am working on several different homework assingnments in MS word and don't want to carry a thumbdrive/flash drive/jump drive whatever you want to call it. The result is that I email myself several different drafts of each paper, filling up my inbox. Yes, I go and delete them after awhile, but wouldn't it be nice to just log onto phusebox and have access to your stuff? I think so. Then again, I might just be crazy.

In other news, I'm going to SEPA! :) Look out Atlanta, I'm on the loose!


July 29 2006
Try gmail :) never throw anything away again