Wedding stuff!

June 21 2005
Charles and I went to a friend's wedding this past weekend. It was beautiful. Weddings are awesome. :) There were some surreal moments though-- things just didn't seem real. Charles was a groomsman, and the bride (who is from Taiwan) had her Taiwanese friends as bridesmaids, so somewhere there are going to be a lot of pictures of Charles with a cute Asian girl and I'll just have to try not to be jealous.
There was a lot of stress over the weekend, due to talk of bachelor parties, and the occassional evil person trying to force Charles to see strippers, boobies, or porn when his turn comes around. It really hurts my feelings when people that are supposed to be our friends want to corrupt us, or when they disregard my obvious unhappiness with the bachelor party situation. So Charles and I had a series of long talks and lots of stress. Well, there were several uncomfortable moments, but all in all I count the weekend as a success. Seeing Michael and Jiun-Fei get married makes my own wedding seem so much more real! I am looking forward to it so much. :)
The introductions of Frodo and Kenobi are going slowly but well. Hopefully that will keep up so that eventually we can all sit happily in the same room together. :)
I have been thinking a lot lately about creepy things- ghosts and things like that. I have been wondering whether the devil really takes an active role in trying to misguide us, or if it is more of a passive stance. The bridesmaid that Charles escorted at Michael's wedding had a severe injury from Taiwan- she was walking through the city, and a woman jumped out of a high building to kill herself, and landed on this girl. She was in the hospital for weeks, is traumatized, and has nerve damage. It really bothered me to hear that, because suicide is so harmful anyways, but to hurt someone else is so careless. :( That poor girl. It has been on my mind a lot, so I am trying to be more positive. Some things are so sad. :/
Well I'd better wrap this up and get ready for the day.

Bethany Bratcher

June 21 2005
I think the devil takes an active role...his greatest goal is to stop people from getting to God, of course he is going to fight and fight hard. For Christians, if we are not fighting back, we will lose the battle. I am glad you had fun at the wedding and sorry for your stess. Just remember that Charles loves you dearly and you need not worry about him being in pictures with some other girl. You are his #1 mate. When is your wedding again? I am looking forward to eating lunch tomorrow!


June 21 2005
Wedding is July 9th, and if you get around to giving me your address, you and Stacy are both invited. Hmm, maybe I'll just bring invitations to lunch. Thanks for the input on the devil- sometimes I think he is actively trying to screw me up, but sometimes I think I am just screwing myself up. :/ And yeah, Charles is my #1 mate. He is dreamy. :) :) :)