my late night rambling(save yourselves and look away!)

March 10 2007

I've recently that the human race is going to die out quiker than I had anticipated, merely because of stupidity.  This was the conclusion of a rather spur of the moment thought involving the point in life.  Most folks agree that the point in life is to reproduce and ensure the advancement of the species.  This would be where everyone finds the desire to have sex.  Makes sense, right?  Well, then comes the whole idea of having the pleasure of sex without those nasty little yard apes running around pestering you for money: birth control.  now I am by no means saying that birth control is a bad concept, because it's not.  But when the majority of the newborn population is being concieved in the backseats of broken down cars by people too stupid to use a condom, them we have a major problem.  If the intelligent advancement-of-the-species type people aren't having kids because they enjoy sex without responsibilities and the birth-rate continues to increase, then we will eventually die out.  I think it is quite deserved.

"Against stupidity, the very gods themselves contend in vain." ~ Friedrich von Schiller