September 03 2005
LOVE college and all the cool people that i've met. i have really appreciated everyone and how nice they all have been. ao was AMAZING wednesday night and i really got into the worship. i have been praying to find some good christian music that i like and the Lord has totally been providing. i went to the echosflow concert wed night and then on thurs. i went to see ryan horne.

i am gonna tell you what i don't like...i DON'T like hearing a dave matthews band song about what a pig bush is and how the believers just stand behind him and smile. i think as christians we get judged most of all. there are so many assumptions about us that are just not true. but i can say that the Lord didn't promise us EASY, he promised us GRACE. that is what i am doing this all for, for Him and Him alone.

went to hodge's house last night and i can say that is was a good time. met alot of new people and got to catch up with some people i hadn't talked to in awhile.

i hope EVERYONE has a WONDERFUL day and full of AMAZING suprises. haha.


September 03 2005
sarah! ah! i love you! and i'm so glad that we're getting to hang out! it'd be a lot harder getting up every morning if i didn't have you to meet and eat w/ in the kuc! last night was a blast! and i totally agree w/ what u said about God promising grace! amen!


September 03 2005
Ahhhh I'm so sick of everyone that dogs Bush and the Christians who are willing to support him!!!! It's a tough world for us... but Jesus said this would happen to His believers...