It's kinda funny.

August 24 2005
I think that it is kinda funny that Riverdale has to go to Ohio to play games because no one here will play them. when i was in charleston i went to this nursing home to visit with the residents there. well this guy named james overheard that i was from the big tn. he apparently played football in tullahoma and knew who riverdale was. i told him that we won the state championship this past year and you know what he said? He said,"yeah, because you cheated. you all are a bunch of cheaters." now how in the world does this blind old man all the way in charleston, south carolina tell me that riverdale is a bunch of cheaters. i thought that was funny.

tonight was fun at starbucks. i love my friends and how we can play on a certain situation for the longest time.good times.


August 25 2005
thats crazy about that guy!


August 25 2005
How can you cheat in football?!

Rachael Moore

August 25 2005
stupid people that are jealous of riverdale's great football team. who else can go to state five years in a row?! that just means they are good. they don't cheat. they are just that good. silly jealous people.


August 25 2005
CHEATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BBAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!