more things that i like....

August 21 2005
1. trying new things with my girls, like sour slushies
2. taking pictures in a grocery cart at the movie theatre parking lot
3. guys stopping to ask us what we are doing with the shopping cart.
4. yelling at movies only to discover that they can't really hear us screaming at them
5. being mature enough to be imature(you girls know what i am talking about)
6. lauren yelling at boys as we drive by them and then getting embarressed when they speed up to talk to her

::tonight is what i needed. its been fun hanging out with just the girls and knowing that something crazy will probably happen, whenever all of us are together there is always something. when we were sitting at an intersection i looked over towards the corner and there was a stand down at the gas station. these two men were on their knees with their hands over their head while the cops had their guns pointed at them. it was like the show cops. rachael decides she wants a picture and that made it even more funny. but it was kinda scary at the same time. you just don't see that stuff in the boro. well i hope everyone had a great night too. off to buy my books tomarrow.::

Rachael Moore

August 21 2005
i am at your house...


August 22 2005
haha! sounds like a great night! ooohhh books...mee tooo...