These are the things I like....

August 13 2005
1. doing doughnuts in the mtsu parking lot with lauren

2. finding a skirt for $8 at old navy

3. cherry slushies from sonic

4. saturdays, when it rains

5. laughing at lauren saying inappropriate things

all in all its good to be home, meet new people, and have new experiences. not too deep but that was what was on my mind.

me: did i ever tell you about stanley?
cam: he hot?
me: no, stanley is a turtle!!!


August 13 2005
haha! today was a blast! :o) yay for us and new friends and new experiences! i'm so glad we'll be able to eat together the 1st day of school! haha...i'll probably be nervous that day for sure!


August 13 2005
lol i love doughnuts. YUM! that was so great- especially when amy and rachel pulled up ghaw...only with you!


August 13 2005
Wow... that Stanley the turtle bit just cracked me up!


August 13 2005
I like the turtle thing...


August 13 2005
today was fun!