a new chapter

August 10 2005
::guys i am ready and excited. i am ready to start this new chapter in my life and excited to see what the Lord has in store for me. i was reminded tonight that we should just let go. let go of everything that we do to try to limit God. everytime we say,"I can't", that just makes us close off God even more. we meet so many people everyday and each time our lives are changed because we have a new person that has entered it. God brings people in our lives for a reason. He wants us to go out there and build relationships with all different kinds of people. i am reading the book of acts and i am amazed at the boldness that peter and john have. the Lord totally rewards them for their boldness and faith by allowing them to be a part of something bigger then them. sometimes i feel that we look at rewards as something materialistic or just something for our own benefit. what if God's reward for us is the pleasure of Him using us and being able to witness the countless ways God shows up in everyday life. the cool thing is that as christians we see that but the unbelievers don't because their eyes haven't been open to it. why wouldn't we want to share that? why wouldn't we want EVERYONE to see the things that we see and experience the beauty of the Lord? when i think about it i know that by not spreading the good news about what jesus has done for us we are being selfish. we are keeping something great for ourselves and that isn't what it is meant for. it's SO important to build relationships with those who don't see and allow God to use us in those relationships to open their eyes.::


August 11 2005
Very true. Good stuff.

Hope Anderson

August 11 2005
very true.. i think that sometimes we don't share it for a lack of love for others... b/c i mean... it's so easy to love God... He's a great guy all around.. but other people? that's different... and it's wrong of us... but we do it every day... we judge people b/c they're rude... or ugly... or smell funny. but what we forget is that we are sometimes rude, and ugly, and smell funny... we're sinners too!!! we're human too!!! sometimes we forget that. and it's sad. ~Hope


August 13 2005
they drove by with there lights on and then josh yelled that but they never came back we left in to a hurry