I am immortal till God is finished with me-no one can touch me

August 05 2005
i woke up this morning and my ipod all of a sudden worked so that was weird. I sat around the house doing absolutly nothing which was very foreign to me. It is the hardest thing when you have been going non stop all summer and then all of a sudden you are doing nothing. It's TORTURE!!!! Nothing much to report. I'm kinda tired but not the sleepy tired just worn out tired, which is weird because I haven't really been doing anything. Don't know how that happened.

Last night me, lauren, and matt drove around doing pretty much nothing. we went on rucker and turned onto this creepy road to try to find a "haunted house" but there was no luck. We decided to go run in a corn field but that was short lived also. So we went to wafflehouse. There was this guy in the Waffle House that looked exactly like Hagrid off of Harry Potter. It was weird. I wanted to ask for his autograph but I was too much of a chicken.


August 05 2005
haha last night was so much fun. i'm really glad you're back in town. you didn't mention the hairy guy though. he worked there for 23 years....i knew it.


August 05 2005
lol! awesome...sounds like ya'll had a blast!!