Stanley the Turtle

July 24 2005
I have a funny story...Tammy, Leigh Ann, and I were going to the mall the other day and we almost ran over this turtle. So we drove back to make sure it was out of the road and safe. We had this great idea that we should keep it as a pet. Well we had it in our apartment for like a day and this morning when I went to church I put the top back on but not all the way so he could breath. Well that seemed logical at the time but when we got back from church Stanley was gone!!! We haven't found him yet but we are scared he went off and is going to get stuck somewhere and die. I had grown rather fond of that turtle so I am praying we find him in time. This afternoon we had like 6 people in our apt. looking for this little turtle it was really funny.

Tomarrow I am doing construction work and me and ally get to work on a crack house in the inner city. That will be so much fun...I can't wait. Pray for opportunities and safety.

See all of you in a few days.

Darth Vader

July 29 2005
they ate the turtle didnt u smell the delicious aroma